'70's Shine At Milan Fashion Week

Ciao, Milano. Fashion Week has come to the Italian fashion capital, taking us back to a time when love (and, okay, a killer gown) was all you needed. From Alberta Ferretti's ethereal slip dresses, to Etro's paisley-printed tanks, to Gucci's shaggy fur vests— the designers were clearly in a '70s state of mind. Ferretti's spring collection was romantic and free-spirited, with gauzy fabrics, tulle, hip-hugging jeans, and plenty of florals. It was reminiscent of the kind of clothing you would wear to a music festival back when flower crowns weren't totally cliché. And as can be expected from the designer, Ferretti shined with her willowy, chiffon gowns, this season done in a nude color palette to invoke a delicate sense of bohemia.

Etro brought more of an edge, though kept to the obvious decade of the season. The sound track of the show was the Doors, bringing a rock-and-roll vibe to the collection, which was meant to feel broken-in and handcrafted. Multicolor silks, denim, beading, and a lot of fringe were used to reflect an artisanal craftsmanship. It was raw and unpolished, but I have a feeling it's a collection that people will love far more than two times, baby.

Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gucci channeled the '70s in a slightly different manner, diverging from the bohemian to add some glamor and sophistication. The collection felt a bit, well, neater, than the others, with A-line skirts, silk neck scarves, and tailored shirtdresses. But Frida Giannini kept a relaxed feel to the collection, working in chinoiserie prints, shaggy furs, and suede fabrics.

But Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi is not following suit — and he wants everyone to know it. "There's no reference to the 1970s. I think there's been enough," he said of the collection. The '70s are over. Lagerfeld has another era in mind — the early 20th century. Flower child, out. Avant-garde culture and fascist architecture, in. The color palette for the show was rainy days, and featured black leather, shift dresses, and layered denim.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So depending how far back you feel like time-traveling, it looks like spring will have a couple different options. Make sure you bring your passport, flower crown optional.

Images: Getty Images (3); BritishVogue/Twitter