It's Like She Was Never on 'Big Brother'

So if you stayed home Friday night to watch the special airing of Big Brother , boy, were you in for a treat. JK. The vast majority of the episode featured the houseguests sitting down to a brunch and reminiscing about the season. Ugh, the dreaded clip show. Oh well, you're already three-quarters of the way through this thing. Might as well watch the rest, right?

As it does every year, Big Brother took us on a walk down memory lane to relive the most memorable moments from the seasons and the crazy houseguests that made them possible. We saw Frankie and Zach cuddle, Caleb's "judy chopping," and Donny's random acts of kindness. If you hadn't watched any of this season, the clip show pretty much provided a decent rundown of the season. OK, you're ready to watch the finale now. But when you watch the finale, you're going to be very confused and wonder who that brunette woman with the glasses and often mocked cackle is, because there was little to no mention of Christine in the reel.

Christine made it to the final six in the game, which is pretty far, so you would think she would be fairly prominent in a playback of the entire season. However, the only time Christine was really mentioned was during a package about Zach's crazy outbursts during meetings. Yes, the thing we're supposed to remember Christine for is Zach comparing her to Big Brother 14's Jenn City.

Her relationship with Nicole, her flirtmance with Cody, and the studio audience booing her out of the Big Brother house upon her eviction all did not make it into the clip show. It was almost like Christine never even competed.

Why would Big Brother decide not to include Christine in this nostalgic look back at the season? Understandably, there's not enough time in the show to put all 16 original houseguests in the spotlight, but houseguests that got out long before Christine, such as Devin and Jocasta, made the cut. There was so much drama with Christine during the season that I'm surprised she wouldn't have been included more.

However, it seems like Big Brother wanted to keep things light during the clip show. Sure, we relived some heated moments from Zach and Devin, but for the most part, we saw how terrible Victoria was at competitions, Hayden and Nicole's puppy love, and (finally) Izzy the dog's visit to the Big Brother house. The thing about nostalgia is that we usually tend to look back and remember how great things were, and Big Brother probably wanted to wind down the season on a high note.

There's also the fact that Christine isn't exactly a fan favorite. As I mentioned earlier, she was booed out of the Big Brother house, the only houseguest this season to experience that. If Christine is so reviled among viewers, they're not going to want to devote any more air time than they already have to.

Was Christine missed from the clip show? Not really, though it's kind of alarming how she was kind of erased from this season. But that's Big Brother for you.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS