One Direction Performed On the 'Today' Show and This Is How Ridiculous It Was

Talking about One Direction's Today show performance isn't something I particularly want to do with my time right now. In fact, it ranks so low on my list, I'd rather talk about towels or, like, agriculture instead of talking about that performance. But even I, avid One Direction avoider, have to acknowledge how insane the turnout for their show was. In fact, more than 18,000 people showed up for the concertToday's biggest crowd ever — to watch One Direction sing about a girl who is only beautiful because she doesn't realize she's beautiful.

If you weren't aware, One Direction is currently touring around promoting their new documentary/film This Is Us, which is being released nationwide on Aug. 30th. Also, little tidbit of surprising information in case you missed it: Their movie was directed by the Super Size Me guy, Morgan Spurlock. The more you know.

Anyway, back to their performance: Over 18,000 teenagers and their parents attended the show, which is a very ridiculous number. This just proves that reality really has jumped the shark: We are now at a point where there are people who don't know who 'NSYNC is but will camp out in midtown NYC to see One Direction perform. It's a brave new world, everyone.

This is an overhead look at how many people showed up to make them all look like a sea of screaming, iPhone-waving ants:

And this is the type of stuff they brought with them:

The future of human-kind, everyone. You can check out the performance below, if you dare.