7 Shirts For Those Who Freaking Love Brunch

Newsflash: you've been doing brunch all wrong this whole time. I'm not talking about what you've been eating. I'm talking about what you've been wearing. If you generally sport polished-yet-comfy dresses with tights or button down shirts and skinny jeans to sip mimosas and eat artisanal omelets, it's time for you to give your brunching wardrobe a quirky update — like with a Ron Swanson breakfast shirt perhaps.

What could be cooler than following in Cara Delevingne's footsteps by wearing your favorite food on your sleeve? If she donned a pizza jumpsuit and got away with it, then you can definitely do the same with a bacon and eggs emblazoned t-shirt. This morning, Styleite brought this epic Ron Swanson breakfast tee to my attention and it really got me thinking about meal-themed clothing. As a vegetarian, I'm basically prohibited from wearing this shirt, if only for the fact that my sheer existence would make Ron Swanson ill. But there are tons of other shirts out there that send the "I'm here to BRUNCH" message loud and clear.

If you're looking de-Basic Bitch-ify your brunch wardrobe, you're in luck. I've located seven shirts perfect for celebrating the most important meal of the week. So put down that flannel and infinity scarf combo and indulge in a little wardrobe treat.

1. Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson's face surrounded by eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes. Brunch perfection. ($55,

2. Black Coffee

When the waiter asks for your coffee order, point to your chest. ($47.61,

3. Breakfast Skull and Bones

For the breakfast-loving goth in your life. ($34.95,

4. Donut Headphones

So everyone knows which side of the savory/sweet brunch debate you come down on. ($12.80,

5. Waffle Sweatshirt

You basically are a giant fluffy waffle. Congrats. ($59,

6. Pancake Stack

Mouth. Watering. ($35,

7. Breakfast Always

All the elements of a proper brunch on one t-shirt. ($25,

Images: Giphy; Courtesy Brands