Ed & Niall Seem To Be Fairly Chummy

After the iHeartRadio Music Festival wrapped Saturday night, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and One Direction's Niall Horan partied together at XS nightclub in Las Vegas. Oh, but that's not all: Sheeran planted a big ol' smooch-a-rooni on Horan's face, and Horan planted a big ol' smooch-a-rooni on Sheeran's face. Smooch-a-roonis all around! And yes, there are adorable pictures.

Usually, I'd look at the pics, say, "Aw, buddies!" and keep scrolling. But this particular photo set had me like, "WAIT. What about the alleged events that may or may not have inspired 'Don't,' aka the song that's rumored to be about Ellie Goulding cheating on Sheeran with Horan? What about what Sheeran said during the Howard Stern Show interview? Do those smooches mean they're totes cool now? Were they ever not cool? Were they ever not chummy? Try as I might, I CAN'T KEEP UP!"

I could speculate and wonder until the cows come home. Instead, I opted to write the following poem:

A smooch on a cheekAll is OKIf any bad blood ever flowed Betwixt the two gentsA smooch on the cheek washed it away

Two smooches on two cheeksAll is OKDo not fret over the meaningOf "Don't"s cryptic lyricsTwo smooches on two cheeks washed it away