8 Sweet Petroleum Jelly Hacks Beyond Chapped Lips

It used to take me years to get through a jar of Vaseline. The last time I did a bathroom overhaul, I found a jar that I'm pretty sure I've had since '97. And even though petroleum jelly has a damn-impressive shelf life (at least 5 to 10 years if stored properly), I still can't believe I actually kept a jar for that long. But it kind of makes sense, right? If you're only using Vaseline as a nightly lip-treatment (which is what I was doing), that stuff will appear immortal. Props, by the way, if you've ever successfully drained a jar before losing or having to toss it. Perhaps you already know about all the other uses for Vaseline outside of a chapped lip cure.

I've learned in recent years, though, that petroleum jelly is capable of so much more than making your lips super soft. Especially in a beauty routine. Practically speaking, it can heal dry, cracked feet overnight (just slather some on and wear a pair of socks while you sleep), and even keep your nose from getting raw while you're sick. Here are eight other ways you can use up that giant jar of Vaseline you have sitting around — or you know, those 10 mini jars, because how cute are they??

1. Get a Better Mani

Apply Vaseline to the borders of your nails before applying polish. Any that escapes your nails during application can easily be wiped away when you're done, and no polish will be where it shouldn't.

2. Make Custom Lipgloss or Cheek Stain

Mix some Vaseline with lipstick for a sheerer formula that you can apply to lips or cheeks.

3. Exfoliate Lips

Apply Vaseline to your lips and rub them with a Q-tip or toothbrush to quickly exfoliate.

4. Make Custom Eyeshadow or Highlighter

Mix some Vaseline with pigment for a shiny formula you can apply to lids or cheekbones.

5. Fix Flyaways

Get a tiny bit of Vaseline on your fingers and smooth over any flyaways you might have for a sleeker hairdo.

6. Tame Brows

In lieu of brow gel, comb a little Vaseline through your brows using a spoolie brush to help them stay in place.

7. Remove Makeup

The stubbornest of mascaras is no match for Vaseline. Rub some on your eyes (or lips, or wherever, really), and wipe away with a tissue or towel to instantly and easily remove makeup.

8. Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Rub a small amount of Vaseline into the spots you would normally apply your perfume before spritzing. Your scent will last longer than it normally would.

Images: Khorzhevska/Fotolia; Miki Hayes (2); Giphy (6)