Happy National Coffee Day! Here Are 11 Coffee Desserts To Make Your Celebration Extra Sweet

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Monday mornings are nothing without coffee, and today you have extra reason to treat yourself to a cup of the good stuff — it’s National Coffee Day, and it’s time to celebrate. It's true that we can never seem to get enough coffee, whether we're guzzling down a mugful first thing in the morning or sipping a cup just before an afternoon nap for optimal efficiency. From pumpkin spice lattes to a simple Americano, everyone has their favorite way of enjoying the perfect cup of Joe. But let's be real here — simply drinking your coffee doesn’t always cut it.

Looking for a new way to get that coffee buzz? We're pretty sure we've found the (extra sweet) solution. Take your coffee to the next level by pairing it with your favorite dessert. Better yet? Use your coffee to make your dessert. Because if there's anything better than a sugar rush, it's a super energized sugar rush. These 11 delicious treats are sure to please any java junkie, no matter how you take your coffee. Time to get baking — is there any better way to celebrate?

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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