All of Taylor Swift's '1989' Merch & Some '80s Items She Should Consider Repurposing

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Could you be any more excited for Taylor Swift's new album 1989 ? I'll answer that question for you: Nope. Trust me, we all know you've been listening to Swift's new single "Shake It Off" on repeat since its release (gotcha). And, luckily for you, you can show your excitement by wearing it on your body. Taylor Swift's new Keds cat sneakers are in stock — finally — so you can kick it around town with some creepy-cute "sneaky cats" on your kicks.

Swift's also launched a line of 1989 t-shirts on her website, most of which include her new album in the price. (I know you want it.) But cute cat kicks and graphic tees aside, Swift's '80s-named album deserves the full nostalgic treatment when it comes to merchandise. So, here's all of the 1989 merch you can buy now ... and some suggestions for what Swift should come up with next.

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