All of Taylor Swift's '1989' Merch & Some '80s Items She Should Consider Repurposing

Could you be any more excited for Taylor Swift's new album 1989 ? I'll answer that question for you: Nope. Trust me, we all know you've been listening to Swift's new single "Shake It Off" on repeat since its release (gotcha). And, luckily for you, you can show your excitement by wearing it on your body. Taylor Swift's new Keds cat sneakers are in stock — finally — so you can kick it around town with some creepy-cute "sneaky cats" on your kicks.

Swift's also launched a line of 1989 t-shirts on her website, most of which include her new album in the price. (I know you want it.) But cute cat kicks and graphic tees aside, Swift's '80s-named album deserves the full nostalgic treatment when it comes to merchandise. So, here's all of the 1989 merch you can buy now ... and some suggestions for what Swift should come up with next.

The Sneaky Cat Sneakers

Thank god for our fellow-cat lady, T-Swift, for the cutest collaboration with Keds yet.

Image: Keds.com

The Shirt From The '1989' Album Cover

Want to dress like Taylor Swift? Well, now you can. For $39.99, you can pre-order 1989 AND get the long-sleeved seagull shirt Taylor’s wearing on the cover.

Image: TaylorSwift.com

If "Shake It Off" Is Your Life-Jam

If you love “Shake It Off” and want the world to know it, this is the shirt for you. Again, for $39.99 you can pre-order 1989 and get this shirt in either the ladies’ cut (pictured) or a less-fitted cut.

Image: TaylorSwift.com

Players Gonna Play, But You're Gonna Shake & Say It On Your T-Shirt

Also a pre-order the album deal — that’s one way to make sure you get your hard-copies sold, T-Swift — you can rock the 3LW-inspired line from “Shake It Off.”

Image: TaylorSwift.com

If You Don't Want To Pre-Order The Album

If you felt like there were too many seagulls on that other 1989 shirt or you just don’t want to pre-order Swift’s new album (you bad fan, you), here’s the shirt for you.

Image: TaylorSwift.com

'1989' Trapper Keeper

Taylor Swift is totally the most organized person you know, so there’s really no better way to promote 1989 than with one of the most popular items of the ’80s.

Image: Amazon.com

Taylor Swift '1989' x EZ Bake Oven

Yes, the EZ Bake Oven has been around since the ’60s, but there isn’t a better collaboration in the world than this one. Taylor Swift loves baking and so will you. She needs to make this a reality.

Image: Target.com

T-Swift Totally '80s T-Shirt Clips

Nothing says ’80s like bunching your t-shirt up on one side. And, considering the expansive collection of “accessories” on T-Swift’s website, these little guys would fit right in.

Image: Amazon.com

'1989' Skip-It

Apparently the Skip-Its of yore have been replaced by this new version that now involves everyone’s favorite game, Twister. It looks less likely to hurt you, but Swift would totally have to bring back the original ball-and-chain version to make this work. Please bring it back and sell it for an absurd amount of money at your concerts, Taylor, please?

Image: ToysRUs.com