This New Footage of Blue Ivy Is Cuteness Overload

When Beyoncé's first HBO special Life Is But A Dream aired in 2013, the world got their first real glimpse at the perfect princess that is Blue Ivy Carter, so when HBO announced that they would be collaborating with the King and Queen of All Things once more for a special documentary of their "On The Run" tour, the potential for more amazing, never before seen footage was enough to draw in even the most casual of fans. Thankfully the doc did not disappoint, and much of that can be owed to Blue Ivy's cameo appearance in the concert film's finale, when Bey and Jay perform a truly heavenly mash-up of "Young Forever" and "Halo" while home videos play on-screen in the background. If you haven't already watched it hold on to your ovaries, because on a scale of one to adorable, the clips of Blue Ivy will pretty much ruin you. Like, permanently. Trust me.

The footage shows Blue from the moment she (flawlessly) pops out of the womb until today as a 2-year-old, walking around looking and acting cooler than any of us ever will be. It might be physically hard to watch such cuteness, but the payoff is worth it simply for the reason Blue's facial expressions are filled with so much sass.

Here she is still in utero, just waiting to make her debut.

Oh, I meant her sassy debut. Look at that hand! "Um, no pictures right now, thx."

"OMG watch how close you get with that camera, peasant. I'm trying to nap!"

"Dad, what did I just say? I'm trying to effing nap. Back up."

"Oh, did you think when I was crying that it meant 'Mom, please make me hang out in this stupid pool on this stupid yacht!?' Because I was actually just asking for some caviar. Get me out of here."

"Who decided it would be a good idea to make me crawl around on the floor? Are you guys for real? Where is my horse-drawn carriage?"

"Dad, is there kale in this? I thought I told the chef I specifically wanted kale in my bottle from now on."

"Wait. What? We're going back to America? Do I look like a baby who is ready to leave the South of France? No. No to all of the above."

"Not impressed, guys."

"This is the life."


"I'm smiling because you're going to have to change an incredibly awful diaper soon. LOL."

Images: HBO (12)