Lena Dunham's Documentary About an LGBTQ Brooklyn Tailor Already Sounds Like a Must-See

Lena Dunham's pretty much already conquered television with her hit HBO series Girls, so it's about time she took over another medium in the entertainment industry: Like, say, documentary films. According to Vulture, Lena Dunham's next project is a documentary about a Park Slope, Brooklyn tailoring company called Bindle and Keep, which was featured in the New York Times just last year for the fact that they make custom, fitted suits for transgender clientele. As one client of the tailor put it, in the NY Times profile:

Dunham will be working on the project with her frequent collaborator and Girls co-showrunner Jenni Konner, and, according to Vanity Fair , it was her who personally reached out to Bindle and Keep about the prospect of making a film about the bespoke tailor. It's an amazing subject for Dunham and Konner to take on, so I'm glad that the two will be focusing on giving this business the exposure it deserves: Bindle and Keep is doing something very special in creating pieces for those who are, sadly, not as widely represented in the fashion arena, and that's important. Clothes — well fitting, well designed clothes — can give a person the utmost confidence in the rest of their day-to-day life, and everyone should be able to have that.

"We were totally blown away when Lena’s team first reached out to us — the art we practice is so specialized that it was hard to believe heavy hitters were taking an interest," founder Daniel Friedman said.

No word on when to expect the film to be released, but hopefully, it's soon, because I know I'm literally already making plans to see this one on opening night.

Image: whatshouldwecallgirls/Tumblr