Is This The Worst Tee In Existence?

So in seriously f’ed up news today, the biggest mall operator in the Philippines was apparently selling a t-shirt with the slogan “It’s not rape. It’s a snuggle with a struggle,” printed on it. Uh.

SM Supermalls, the company in question, owns 46 malls across the Philippines and also in China. So, you know, rape culture can be further propagated to the masses. Awesome.

Ohhh and it gets better, as it always does. The offensive t-shirt was found in the teen boys section. Yes, the f’ing TEEN section. This is an t-shirt made for adolescent boys. Because, you know, gotta start those boys young. Let them know how they should control their women and all that before they start doing something radical like *gasp* respecting them.

When Philippine writer Karen Kunawicz spotted the shirt during a shopping trip and posted it to her Facebook page, the image caught Internet wildfire and everyone rightfully lost their shit, twitting how dangerous and disturbing it is that the largest mall franchise in the Philippines was essentially promoting rape.

In reaction to their online attacks, SM Supermalls pulled the shirt the following day and posted the general, generic, damage-control apology we’ve come to know and not-so-much love. Whoopsie daisy.

Here's another look at the shirt in all its glory. Come on, world. I know you can be better than this.

Images: Karen Kunawicz/Facebook, The SM Store/Facebook