This is What a Woman's Ideal Man Looks Like?

They've done it again, ladies. They've gone and tried to make claims about what we as an entire gender really want. This time, a British study has allegedly discovered what combination of celebrities' faces make us truly swoon inside. According to The Daily Mail UK, a woman's perfect man has Harry Styles' bedhead hair, Zac Efron's icy blue eyes, Robert Pattison's manly stubble, George Clooney's "silver fox" 'do and Brad Pitt's nose. And because it might be difficult to imagine what that would look like, they've created a visual mash-up of our ideal man just for us.

The study asked women to identify their favorite features from Hollywood's most handsome celebrities. After gathering the data, two different facial images were created combining the most popular characteristics. The first was a compilation of five younger male actors' faces: Harry Style's hair, Zac Efron's eyes, Robert Pattinson's stubble, Ryan Gosling's square jawline and Jamie Dornan's nose.

The second mash-up featured traits from more mature male celebs over the age of 30. It combined George Clooney's salt and pepper hair, David Beckham's scruffy beard, Bradley Cooper's piercing eyes and Brad Pitt's nose.

The main difference between the two faces had to do with the facial hair — women seemed to prefer a full beard on a mature face and stubble on a younger face.

Here are the mash-ups in all their handsome glory:

While the face combos are a bit unusual and jarring, I'll admit that if I saw them walking down the street, I'd give them the good once over. Is that just me?

Images: Moneymatchmaker/Twitter