Her Gift From Chris Is So Middle School

There officially is no question that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating. In addition to hearing about numerous elusive sightings of the couple from every rag mag under the sun, Lawrence and Martin were seen boarding a private plane together on Saturday in Van Nuys, California before heading off to the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Still not convinced that they're an item? Try this on for size: Lawrence was carrying a solitary pink rose as she walked alongside the Coldplay frontman. If anything says "I'm taken," it's a single rose, friends.

The first photo we saw of Lawrence and Martin was, in a word, jank. In fact, it wasn't even really a photo "of the couple." It was more two people who just happened to be in the same frame when a photographer started snapping. But the pic right here? This is a photo photo. And, again, the fact that Martin (I assume) bestowed a pink rose unto Lawrence is kind of amazing.

I won't lie, when I think of single pink roses, I think of Valentine's Day in middle school. The general sentiment, though incredibly sweet, is a bit, well, juvenile, and dare I say, cheesy.

So, the fact that Martin gifted his ladyship with a rose is kind of adorable. Here's a guy who's got millions upon millions of dollars, and he just wanted his girl to have a single pink flower. Very cute.

Martin keeps it real, you guys. If he really likes you, he's going to give you one rose instead of a giant bouquet. And, you know, fly you on his private jet. No biggie.