Happy Mad Hatter Day! Here are 9 Quirky Cakes, Scones, and Sandwiches for the Nuttiest Tea Party Ever

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It's Mad Hatter Day, which means this is not your ordinary tea party. Maybe you imagined a dainty little thing: You'd put on your best dress, you'd curtsy, and you'd dine on crumpets and cakes small enough to fit in the palm of your gloved hand. It would have all been very elegant — and also a bit twee, like drinking cocktails out of a Mason jar for the umpteenth time.

But today, we're celebrating the nuttiest, most outlandish tea-drinker around. There will be no pinkies held aloft, no pretty frocks, and no dress code — apart from the most extravagant hat you can manage. And since this is the Mad Hatter we’re talking about, your usual tea sandwiches and delicate scones won’t do. Lucky for you, we put together the kookiest tea party menu in true Wonderland spirit, from fluffernutter sandwiches to a cat-shaped cake. Alice won’t know what hit her.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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