This 'black-ish' Star Worked With Kanye

OK, I can't be the only one who is driving myself silly trying to figure out where I know Tracee Ellis Ross from. Since she and the rest of her fellow cast members started doing promotional work for their new ABC series black-ish, I couldn't stop thinking about where I've seen Ross before. I'll admit it's hard to ignore the "Ross" in Tracee Ellis Ross. She's Diana Ross' daughter and... can you even imagine what that is like? It's probably like being the Blue Ivy to Beyoncé, except your mother is Diana Ross! But that's not where I know her from (and probably not why you recognize her either).

All Diana Ross-ing aside, Ross is a multi-talented actress who has starred in a myriad of TV programs, movies, and even a music video. Most notably, Ross was one of the four main characters on UPN's Girlfriends . In my opinion, if Sex and the City was the call, then Girlfriends was the African American response. The show chronicled the laughs, loves, losses, and lives of four African American women: Toni, Maya, Lynn, and Ross' character Joan from 2000 (two years after the premiere of SATC) to 2008 for eight seasons. It even spawned a BET spin-off called The Game, starring Tia Mowry as Ross' character's cousin.

So clearly, Ross is no stranger to a TV screen. But this is but one many appearances Ross has made. In fact, she's got an extensive Hollywood resume:


Ross plays Cynthia, the friend of a high-powered lawyer who takes on a man's custody case to get his children back.


Did you all know that Lindsay Lohan did a movie about faking a pregnancy in 2009, because I had absolutely no idea. Ross plays an emotional pregnant woman, and one of Lohan's co-workers in the office in Labor Pains. Who knew?


Pre-Yeezus era Kanye released this cinematic venture, which featured Pamela Anderson, Lupe Fiasco, Nia Long, and you guessed it, Tracee Ellis Ross. Fast forward to 2:39 to catch her cameo.


Ross guest-starred on a few episodes of CSI as Gloria Parkes.


Reed Between The Lines was a BET series that comedically followed the trials and tribulations of a blended family. Ross played Dr. Carla Reed, who is described in her BET character bio as "a highly successful psychologist who works hard to balance her family and career. She grew up in a solid, middle class family that valued stability and education. But her perfect world fell apart while she was in college at Howard University; it was then that she found out her father had a secret family."

YouTube Star Extraordinaire

In addition to a variety of other TV shows and movies, Ross occasionally takes to her Youtube channel to break apart the lyrics of rap songs. In the above video, she is exploring Tyga's "Hookah."

Tracee's newest endeavor black-ish premieres September 24 on ABC. Be sure to tune in to watch this incredible leading lady in her element.

Images: BET (2); TylerPerry.com; Lifetime (screengrab); CBS; ABC