All The Best Looks From Last Night's 'Mindy'

Hurrah — we finally got our long-awaited Rhea Perlman-centric episode (here's hoping it's the first of many)! As you might expect, it was a lot of fun: because of course Mindy would have a very calculated (not to mention very effective, Mrs. Castellano notwithstanding) four-pronged strategy to get her boyfriends' mothers to like her. Plus, the episode was sprinkled through with cutesy Mindy/Danny tidbits (Mindy trying to get Danny's tough love mother to display conventional affection was actually pretty sweet) and hilarious Annette Castellano idiosyncracies (she's spent thousands on the Candy Crush-inspired Coffee Crush, and she doesn't like Michael Fassbender or his penis).

Yep, The Mindy Project is definitely keeping up with its strong start — and so are the clothes: Mindy's wardrobe is on point as ever. In fact, perhaps even more so, as this episode features not one, but two custom pieces; as well as a lot of fabulous jewelry (in anticipation of costume designer Salvador Perez's upcoming collaboration with BaubleBar, no doubt). The only downside was her pajamas, which were a tad more lackluster than her usual fare (though she had to be wearing something that would allow Ma Castellano to assume she was the housekeeper).

Let's take a look at some of her best looks!

Young Republican with a Twist

This coat dress read a tad too old in my opinion — even with its hot pink hue, it seemed too stuffy for fancy brunch, and that's kind of saying a lot.

It got livened up with some bright orange lingerie, though!

Geek Chic

This patterned shift was to die for (and I wouldn't mind the ombre specs or the bling-y earrings, either).

Tailored to a T

I'm in love with this ensemble — according to Mindy's Instagram, the vest and skirt were made just for her by Perez. It's quite reminiscent of the suit he made her last season for the finale (which Mindy counts as one of her favorite costumes of all time), and the quirky floral shirt and side braid take it all to another level: it's my top pick, by a landslide.

Images: mindykaling (2)/Instagram; tmpgifs, teddywestside, zangella/Tumblr