5 Times Olivia Benson From 'Law & Order: SVU' Was A Total Badass

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Television detectives may come and go, but considering its fifteen going on sixteen season run we can go ahead and admit our totally serious relationship with everyone's favorite Law & Order spin-off, Special Victims Unit. Seriously, can we take a minute to appreciate the show's longevity? Sixteen seasons means there are teenagers alive today that have never lived in a world where the SVU detectives didn't exist (lucky them.) The real draw is of course detective-turned Sergeant Olivia Benson.

Kicking ass and taking names since 1999, the star of the Dick Wolf series has easily eclipsed the show that inspired it, making it a no-brainer that the character would ascend to Sergeant and take lead of the precinct upon Captain Cragen's departure. While she's gone through a revolving door of partners over the years (pour one out for Eliot Stabler), her personal awesomeness has never faltered, clearly making her the glue holding the show together.

And you're not alone in your love of Wolf crime procedurals; even powerful ladies like Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor love the Law & Order franchise. There's probably some correlation with badass ladies wanting to see badass stories of justice play out on screen.

But with SVU specifically, Benson is intoxicating to the point of having Taylor Swift's cat named after her, so it's high time we all took a minute to appreciate all of the times Benson really brought it in the badassery department. Here are the top moments to look out for the next time you're binge watching a stockpile of SVU eps on a lazy weeknight.

Image: Michael Parmelee/NBC

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