Power Tools: Charlotte Tilbury and Lipstick Queen's New Makeup That's Bringing Old Hollywood Glamour Back

In more glamorous times, when less-crammed schedules and larger vanities took precedence, women had the time and space to properly prepare themselves for a dazzling night on the town. But now, we've gotten used to something that looks more like realizing you have all of 15 minutes before you've got to be out the door — and you’ve hardly applied your eyeliner as you grab the first compact within reach and run, screaming, for the nearest cab.

You are not alone.

At least two cosmetics companies are taking the time to change all that, however, with the introduction of luxurious products encased in gilded packaging that evokes Old Hollywood glamour. The stuff is substantial, and demands (if inanimate objects could) that space be made on the bathroom counter for proper appreciation and display.

The first is Lipstick Queen, the introduction of which elicited sighs from yours truly upon feeling the sheer weight of the tube. The decorative packaging — nearly coffee table-worthy — channels instant drama and glamour, and that's all before even applying the peppermint-scented stuff.

Next up, riding the wave of what's old is new, celebrated makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is soon to introduce her very own cosmetics collection. Again, the packaging is something to be seen: More golden, Deco decadence for the vanity? I don't mind if I do.

On her site, Tilbury wrote how "someone's confidence and state of mind" can be transformed by makeup. I'm in the camp that believes it's not just the product you're using, but the experience when you're using it to which the final look and feel can be attributed. With beautiful packaging, the luxurious aura is bound to travel from the tube to your state of mind. If you feel good, you look good.

With products like this, it might be worth the few extra minutes spent on yourself to better face the day. Traffic be damned.

Images: @ctilburymakeup on Instagram and by Alyssa Shapiro