14 Things 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Will Feel Today

Get our your scrub caps and tequila, y'all — Grey's Anatomy is officially back in season! It's been a long summer without my favorite show. Seriously, can you believe that Cristina Yang left us for good four months ago? The wound still seems fresh. But I'm hoping that Season 11 brings us plenty of new memories that'll overtake the bad ones — except, you know, when it comes to the emotional scarring and trust issues that showrunner Shonda Rhimes has inflicted us with forever. I'm willing to look past it, though, because I really need all the questions I have from the Season 10 finale answered pronto.

It's pretty amazing that we're getting ready to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of McDreamy being in our lives (and hearts), but it's finally upon us. Now that we have a new episode of Grey's Anatomy to look forward to every week, it's like Christmas and our birthday all wrapped up in one shiny, blood splattered package. And if you're anything like me, your unhealthy obsession with all things Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital means that leading up to the premiere, your thoughts will consist of nothing else. No matter what the weather is wherever you live, one thing's for certain: It's a beautiful day to save lives, people.

And the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning? Thank God It's Thursday... or #TGIT

But you're totally aware that tonight's going to be emotional.

Literally anything can happen on Grey's, and it's almost always heartwrenching.

Especially since you're probably obsessed with Scandal too

We're not even going to talk about that right now, though. I can't even deal with both of these shows at the same time. Who decided they should air on the same night?

You're stressing out about MerDer's relationship...

And Calzona's supposed baby...

And let's not forget about Meredith's latest long lost sister

And no, Lexie is not making a surprise return as a ghost. Even though I almost wish that was the case, because I miss her so much... and this sister plot twist is a little hard to swallow.

Is that really happening?

You're prepared to spend your lunch break searching for spoilers.

And you've already made a mental note to stop at the store for alcohol and snacks.

And tissues.

Because you just remembered that Cristina is never coming back.

And this is the first episode without her.

You're checking the time every five minutes. Is it 8:00 yet?

No. Damn it. What do you mean, I'm still at work?

But when the show is on...

It's on.

Happy Grey's day!

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