Does He Make This Face When Asked If He's Single?

Dear, sweet, man bun-lovin' Harry Styles. You are the possible holder of the title of most eligible bachelor in the universe, you British boy band enigma, you. Who does your heart belong to? If it, in fact, belongs to anyone? I suppose the world may never know if Harry Styles is single. OK, that's a lie. We may have an inkling, but you have to be a super sleuth to get any actual concrete proof. It's all about candid paparazzi shots with this guy. Then again, if you want to get really technical, Mr. Styles has been in a serious relationship with all of the rabid Directioners for quite some time. Well, according to them they have been.

But down to the real nitty gritty. Because marrying your millions of Twitter followers just isn't a viable option (at this point). Is Styles single? Well, it's sort of hazy. If you can think way back to July (I know, it's hard to think of Summer without tearing up) you might recall that he was reportedly taken. Style's had apparently gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend, Paige Reifler, and was even seen on a date with her in late August. Nothing beats photographic proof to bring closure to the millions of people around the world who considered themselves Harry's imaginary girlfriends, right?

That may be true if there wasn't photographic evidence of him with another lovely lady. Which happened just last week. Ugh. Harry I totes cannot keep up with you. And, thanks to some amateur detectives, we know that he was seen with this gal at a Coldplay concert.

Which immediately makes me think of this:

But back to Harry. Is he with Reifler? Is he dating his Coldplay lady? It seems like Styles is at least participating in the act of dating. This doesn't mean that's he's officially taken though, so keep thinking up those marriage proposals, legions of enamored fans. Your day may come.

Images: girlscaps/Tumblr