He's Back With His Ex!

Breaking news: Harry Styles has a new girlfriend. Well, technically he got back together with an old girlfriend. He's reportedly dating his model ex again. But nope, it's not Kendall Jenner. (Hmm, does he have a type or what?) At a French Connection party in London, Paige Reifler told reporters she's dating Harry Styles. When asked if they were together, she confessed, "Yes, I am seeing him." Instead of playing coy or denying their romance, she just straight-up said it. Her forwardness seems a bit unusual for a celeb couple, but then again, wouldn't you proudly admit if you were dating a member of One Direction?

Unlike when Styles dated KenJenn (I know no one calls her that, but we should since it rhymes) or Taylor Swift, we don't know too much about Reifler — besides the fact that she was with Styles in 2013. So let's learn more about the girl that's making teenagers everywhere insanely jealousy. If you don't believe me, just search her name on Twitter to see the Directioner's denial and disapproval. Of course this isn't surprising, since 1D fans are always pretty outspoken.

Regardless of whether the fans approve, it looks like Reifler is sticking around. Here's what we know about her:

She's a model

Reifler is signed to New York Model Management. But currently, she's working in London. According to Fashionista.com, she's worked with Elle and hinted at bookings with companies like Teen Vogue and Victoria's Secret.

She's from New York

Her Tumblr says she's a city girl — born and raised. In case you had any doubts, this Insta proves her NYC loyalty.

Orlando Bloom pursued her

Apparently she and Bloom texted for a bit after she saw him on Broadway. She told The Mirror, "I went to see him in Romeo and Juliet and sat front row. His manager came and got me after the show and asked if I wanted to go backstage. I couldn't believe it."

Oh, and Justin Bieber is interested too. Or at least he likes her enough to follow a fake Twitter account about her:

She's 18

In fact, she just graduated high school last month. Although this may sound young, it's not a crazy age difference. Styles is 20 years old.

They're adorable together

This is the last and most important thing to know. After all, if they're happy, shouldn't we be happy for them?

Images: Paige Reifler/Instagram (3), WiffleGif