Sims Gotta Make Money, Too

If you've been sinking time into The Sims 4 lately, you're probably learning all too well that, just like real life, money can be hard to come by. There's nothing worse than having your Sim's career stall out, and having to watch her or him languish in a shoddy apartment while there's a big world of riches and luxury out there. That probably why so many people are wondering if there's an easy Sims 4 money hack, to cheat the system and get ahead — and, you're in luck, because there is.

Of course, if you want to take this step, you're throwing a handful of moral and ethical issues upon yourself. First and foremost, you're going to be committing an overt act of cheating to get ahead — normal Sims (or, for that matter, humans) can't just rap a few words out on their keyboard and get an instant cash injection, so why should you be able to? Also, you'll in essence just be printing your own money, generating it out of thin air, and who knows what effect that could have on the macroeconomics of the Sims world. Rampant inflation, anyone? If there were a Sim Ron Paul, he'd be very disappointed in you.

The above video lays out the method pretty clearly — it also tells you how to forcibly evict another family from their home and take the property for yourself, but you're not that evil, right? — but simply put:

  • Access the game's command console by pressing Control + Shift + C.
  • If you want a tidy extra $1000 — sorry, that's 1000 simoleans — type in the word "kaching" and hit enter. If you're a Citizen Kane fan, you can also type in "rosebud" instead.
  • If, on the other hand, you want a whole boatload of cash with zero labor required, type in the word "motherlode" instead. This'll net you a whopping 50,000 simoleans, with which you can outfit your home however you'd like!
  • If you ever run out of money, just do this again! It never stops working, unless your conscience catches up with you.

That's not the only cheat you can enter though the handy command console, either. if you're worried about having more money than you can spend in one lifetime, you could make yourself immortal, too. Just type in "death.toggle" — that's death, then a period, then toggle — to achieve the tantalizing promise of everlasting, simulated life. Not bad, huh?

Images: TheSims/YouTube