The 10 Most 2000s Halloween Costumes To Wear This Year, Because It Was Basically The Best Decade Ever

Halloween was pretty much the best day for any kid who grew up in the 2000s. Finding the perfect costume to wear to school and around neighborhood. Celebrating the big day in class by listening to “Monster Mash” and other spooky things. Eating an obnoxious amount of candy. Seriously — so much candy. Good times, man. Good times.

Oh, how the times has changed for us children of the early aughts. Sure — college Halloween parties are great and all, but they’ll never make up for the good ol’ days. The art of becoming a Barbie princess has now been ruined by the headache of trying to coordinate a decent group costume. And the whole stranger thing? They’re still there, but instead of handing you free candy, they’re hitting on you while drinking cheap beer in a crowded bar. So, it’s similar… kind of.

What’s the best way to bring back the childhood nostalgia? With the best 2000s Halloween costumes, of course! After all, you only get one night a year to live out your childhood dreams of becoming Princess Mia. These 10 costumes will bring us all back to the best time of our lives.


Confession: this may or may not have been my Halloween costume last year. And why not? It’s super(nova) easy to throw together. Throw a pink shirt and pair of tights under some blue on blue. Tin foil pigtails required.

Image: @_KALPAL/Twitter

Princess Mia

Me? Go as Princess Mia? Shut up. Of course, you have to go as the ‘before’ Mia, so find plaid skirt and curly wig — or go crazy with your crimping iron.

Image: disney_DMR/Twitter

Book Fair Catalog

Hey, it could work. Tape photos of all your childhood reads and tape them onto yourself. For a more realistic effect, circle half of them and tell everyone your parents just wouldn’t let you buy them all.

Image: @xhoodyx/Twitter

Napoleon Dynamite

Curly wig. Hipster glasses. “Vote For Pedro” shirt. Done. Freaking idiot.

Image: shelleylyn/Flickr

Buddy The Elf

Sure — it’s technically a Christmas movie, but it came out in 2003. You can find a matching elf costume and hat. Just don’t forget your tights.

Image: @ian_davis9/Twitter


This one can go plenty of ways. Wear a yellow body suit and go as the little man/icon/symbol of your childhood. Wear something in memory of your embarrassing username. This is “Cooldiva5567” reporting live from

Image: @aolawaymessage/Twitter

Limited Too

For this one, you obviously have to go through your childhood closet and cross your fingers that something will still fit. Ha. Hopefully you still have one of those “one-size-fits-all” crinkle shirts and wear it with a pair a jeans.

“Uh, excuse me… I can’t hear you over my HitClips!” you’ll yell as you blast ‘N Sync on your miniature boombox.

Image: phildokas/Flickr

Kim Possible

She was obviously the coolest girl of 2002. Pair a crop top with cargo pants and you’re good to go. For an added effect, carry around a naked mole rat.

Image: @nicolebayless16/Twitter

Britney and Justin's Notorious Look

Oh, the Britney/Justin denim VMAs look. Such a classic. Just take all the denim items in your closet and wear them all at once. Everyone will know who you’re supposed to be. Or, they may mistake you for Katy Perry and Riff Raff. Whatever.

Image: angeliquiz/Twitter

Avril Lavigne

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Why does an Avril costume have to be so complicated? Just kidding — it doesn’t. Pair a neck tie with a graphic tee and super straight hair and you’ll pretty much have her early 2000s style covered.