Eminem Sneak Peaks New 'Berzerk' Single ... Shady's Back, So Tell a Friend

Get ready, Eminem fans: Slim Shady's back. Or, at least, he will be soon. Out November 5, the album will be called MMLP2, presumably standing for Marshall Mather's LP 2. A sneak peak to "Berzerk", the first single off the album, was posted to Eminem's website, with the promise of the official release being Tuesday.

The album will be one of a number of highly-anticipated fall music releases, with Lady Gaga's Artpop coming out November 11.

The 15-second and 30-second previews the public's seen of "Berzerk" so far have featured Eminem promising to "start from scratch" with this new album, hailing back to more classic hip-hop: “Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch/I’m about to bloody this track up, everybody get back."

Eminem's been hinting about this new album for a while, saying in an interview in 2012 that he was working on something new, "[sneaking] songs in here and there." The rapper took advantage of all the eyes glued to the VMAs watching Miley's antics: He teased the release on his Twitter on Sunday, and it was officially announced through a Beats By Dre headphones commercial that night during a VMA break.

You can sample the track in the videos below, and we highly encourage you to start daydreaming about all the hypothetical Kanye/Eminem beefs that may come out of this new album.

Beats by Dre on YouTube
Beats by Dre on YouTube

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