How To DIY An Elsa Costume For Halloween

by Julia Friedman

As far as I'm concerned, there are two different queens worth dressing up as for Halloween this year. The first is Beyoncé and the other is, of course, The Snow Queen, aka Queen Elsa of Arendelle, aka Elsa. And guess what? An Elsa Halloween costume is incredibly easy to DIY.

Now, I'm not saying that one Queen is better than the other (got that, Beygency?), but I guarantee that Elsa will be the more discernible of the two. This is the one and only reason why Bey's limitless wardrobe isn't working in her favor. She's always wearing something different! Yeah, she looks flawless, but she certainly won't stand out in a sea of other pop star-inspired costumes. Elsa, on the other hand, seems to only wear one gown. This is Halloween gold because your costume will be instantly recognizable — at least to anyone who hasn't been living in an isolated ice palace this year. There's absolutely nothing more disappointing than having to explain your costume after putting so much thought into it. You just want people to know, you know? Now, onto the task of recreating Elsa.

I've pieced together all of the components you need for an easy DIY Elsa costume that's cute, recognizable, and sexy without being overtly suggestive like some other Frozen costumes on the market (looking at you, Yandy). Here, the six things you'll need:

1. A Pale Blue Dress

Lulu's Exclusive Royal Engagement Strapless Light Blue Maxi Dress, $68, Lulu's

Elsa's glittering blue dress is the focal point of her look, but if you can't find one that's already sparkly, then simply find a solid blue dress and douse yourself in glitter. After all, half the fun of Halloween is covering yourself in obscene amounts of sequins and/or fake blood. The other half is unwrapping buckets of fun-sized candies until you fall into a sugar coma.

This strapless maxi offers a little twist on Elsa's long sleeve gown. The cold never bothered you, anyways!

2. Body Glitter

Jerome Russell B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray, $5, Walgreens

Spray your bare arms with body glitter to mimic the look of Elsa's sparkly sleeves. Trust me, you're going to look luminous all night and in every one of your Instagram photos. #NoFilter needed.

The reviews of this body glitter spray are phenomenal. "I get lots of compliments on my sparkly skin," writes one user. Plus, since its an aerosol, your hands will stay clean — read: better tasting candy.

3. A Sparkly Cape

Blue Sparkle Cape, $30, Spirit Halloween

A fluttery cape is an essential accessory for any queen. It's regal without being fussy like crowns that dig into your scalp. You'll love how it swishes dramatically as you groove to songs like Thriller and Monster Mash!

A few safety pins will secure this sparkly blue cape to the back of your dress. If you're in a time pinch or looking for a cheaper alternative, stores like Walmart and Jo-Ann Fabric have bolts of fabric that you can pay for by the yard.

4. A Blonde Braid

Tonystev Design Elsa Wig, $18, Etsy

If you're serious about pulling off Elsa's look, then you'll have to embrace her Scandinavia roots and go blonde. If you already have golden locks, simply fashion your strands into a side-swept braid. If not, then consider investing in a wig.

I was surprised to see so many affordable wigs on Etsy, like this one that's a perfect replica of Elsa's 'do. Ideal for people who have yet to perfect the art of braiding.

5. Snowflake Hair Clips

VVarsany 12 Frozen Glitter Snowflake Hair Clip Bobby Pins, $17, Etsy

In your kingdom of isolation, you're bound to wind up with a few flakes in your hair. Stagger these throughout your blonde braid for an Elsa-approved look.

These handmade snowflake pins look just like the ones found in Elsa's hair. Plus, they'll look great in your hair all winter long, from festive holiday parties to magical ice skating sessions.

6. Frosted Makeup

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Color 24 Pink Whisper, $32, Sephora | Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in Color 1916 Frosted Mauve Iridescent Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

Elsa lives in an ice palace, so it only makes sense that all of her makeup comes in frosted hues (which, BTW, are definitely trending for everyday wear right now). But aside from her rosy pink lips and lilac lids, the Snow Queen is otherwise fresh faced, which means that you should skip the bronzer for a spot-on impression.

For a dramatic Elsa look, apply a few layers of the eyeshadow, but just a swipe will do for a subtle, everyday look. Gotta love products that can do double duty.

And because no Frozen tale is complete without Olaf, I'll just leave you with this gem:

Happy Halloween, Bustle readers!

Image: Courtesy Brands; (1)