It's Husband Versus Boyfriend on 'RHONJ'

This week's new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey picked up right where last week's trailed off, with the threat of Amber and Jim's arrival hanging over the cast trip to Boca. But it somehow took the entire episode for them to get there and all night for things to explode when Jim Marchese accused Bobby Ciasulli of cheating on Nicole Napolitano over the course of their entire year-long relationship.

The whole argument is bad enough that Bobby and Jim still haven't made up. Both are claiming that the other is lying in order to get more camera time and become famous. Things got off to an awkward start this episode for Jim and Amber, when they had a very weird, stagey conversation about getting along with everyone. But for a while, Jim was able to follow through, impressing Teresa and Nicole with his comments about loving and respecting women. But that made Bobby so furious he ran off to hide in the bathroom. And once Nicole was on Jim's side, he couldn't help but try to get in more digs at Bobby until he went too far, turning everyone — even his own wife — against him. Amber seems a little embarrassed seeing the episode in hindsight.

As everyone got drunker, Jim started mentioning those rumors. While Amber tried her best to shut it down, Jim's crazy side started to come out again, getting sharp tongued and trying to shut everyone down both condescendingly and pathetically. He claims that Bobby has a secret condo where he's been keeping a second girlfriend on the side. While Nicole hasn't commented on the controversy, even though she is still with Bobby, Bobby has been sticking up for himself on Twitter, where most fans are disgusted with Jim.

But Bobby isn't totally innocent either — he recently got busted for posting a selfie while responding to a car crash — and a few people seem to be on Jim's side.

But the fight really ramped up out of nowhere. When Dina pulled Amber aside to make sure that she wasn't planning on bringing up the rumors, she agreed that it was best to keep the mood light. Seemingly minutes later, this fight explodes, and Jim doesn't even wait a second to throw out these accusations. He throws out plenty more on Twitter, as well, including namedropping the "Stand Your Ground Law" in Florida, which… ugh.

Turns out the vacation was far more stressful than being back at home. Back in New Jersey, things were peaceful and quiet. Rosie reunited with the rest of her family to help Kathy with her new house construction and to have a big family dinner with homemade pizza. And Teresa and Joe also went to a family dinner with the rest of the Giudices. For once, there was peace and tranquility in N.J. but trouble in paradise. If things continue to heat up next week… let's hope that no one gets fed to an alligator.

Image: Jeff Daly/Bravo