The Best Tweets About "Steal My Girl"

Did you sense that low tremor rumbling beneath the planet's crust Sunday? The tremor that continued to hum throughout Monday morning? There's an explanation for that: The first single off of FOUR , One Direction's to-be-released fourth album, is heeeeeere! “Steal My Girl” leaked Sunday (and yes, Directioners have a theory about how the leak came to be), and officially dropped Monday. The song, which combines an '80s power ballad vibe with the group's Millennial pop sound, is an insta-hit: You better believe "Steal My Girl" nabbed the top spot on the iTunes charts right quick. And you better believe I've lost count of how many times I've listened to the song. "Steal My Girl" on repeat is an absolutely aces way to get through a Monday, would recommend.

So, what are fans other than yours truly saying about the song? According to my research (aka a casual scroll through Twitter), a majority of my fellow Directioners are all in on this track. Directioners are FEELING this track. Directioners are FEELING this track so much that they've taken to shouting from the rooftops of the Twittersphere.

Here are some of my favorite tweet reactions (tweetractions? Reactweets?) to One Direction's "Steal My Girl":

Sounds like a great playlist to me.


"And breakable."

Right there with you.

"And get slightly wasted to this song."

I wish I had a locker so I could do the same.

I bet he can sense it.

...I see what you did there.

Oh. OK.

Another day, another slay, indeed.

I support this.

Been there.

Memorizing a song is a prize in itself. Well done.