Betsey Johnson is the Cutest 'DWTS' Contestant

There's nothing quite like watching a 72 year old kill it on the dance floor, but this fashion designer is doing just that on Dancing with the Stars. Basically Betsey Johnson is the cutest DWTS contestant ever, and totally the most youthful in spirit. I mean, girl did the splits during her first performance which I have done exactly zero times in my whole life. But Johnson is not only bubbly and generally excited to be participating in the competition, she's actually really good on the stage.

Johnson may be the oldest contestant on the show, but she's more flexible than most of them and way more entertaining. Plus she's just plain adorable. On week one she danced to Madonna's "Material Girl" and overcame a prop malfunction to throw out one of her signature cartwheels. Then last week for #MyJamMonday she got to pick a song to perform to. So what did she choose? Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" of course. This week she paid tribute to the movie Ghost with some seriously intense and beautiful lift moves.

There's just no stopping Johnson and fans love her. That's not surprising though considering what a charming stage presence she has.

A large reason Tavis Smiley went home last week was his inability to bring personality to the floor. To get votes you have to be memorable and that's something Betsey Johnson definitely is with her sweet nature and bubbly attitude.

I'm glad she's safe for next week because I can't wait to see what this 72-year-old firecracker has to show us next.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC