'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 Is Coming To Netflix — 15 Must-Watch Episodes You Need To See

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This might be the best news short of finding out exactly when Hart of Dixie Season 4 will premiere — seriously, CW, we're still waiting for that announcement. After five long months of very few spoilers about the series' upcoming season, Hart of Dixie Season 3 will be available for streaming on Netflix on Oct. 3. So, at least now while we painfully wait for Autumn Reeser's guest-starring role in the Dixie Season 4 finale, we've got Season 3 to keep us warm. And 22 more episodes to re-watch before the series returns during The CW's midseason.

Does that seem daunting to you? Probably, considering we're in the thick of Fall 2014 premiere season. So, in the interest of keeping you sane enough to make it to Dixie's winter premiere, here are the must-watch episodes from Hart of Dixie Seasons 1-3. Because, you absolutely want to be prepared for when the series returns with a pregnant Zoe Hart.

Image: The CW

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