'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 Is Coming To Netflix — 15 Must-Watch Episodes You Need To See

This might be the best news short of finding out exactly when Hart of Dixie Season 4 will premiere — seriously, CW, we're still waiting for that announcement. After five long months of very few spoilers about the series' upcoming season, Hart of Dixie Season 3 will be available for streaming on Netflix on Oct. 3. So, at least now while we painfully wait for Autumn Reeser's guest-starring role in the Dixie Season 4 finale, we've got Season 3 to keep us warm. And 22 more episodes to re-watch before the series returns during The CW's midseason.

Does that seem daunting to you? Probably, considering we're in the thick of Fall 2014 premiere season. So, in the interest of keeping you sane enough to make it to Dixie's winter premiere, here are the must-watch episodes from Hart of Dixie Seasons 1-3. Because, you absolutely want to be prepared for when the series returns with a pregnant Zoe Hart.

Image: The CW

Season 1, "In Havoc & In Heat"

Season 1’s fourth episode that took place during Bluebell’s heatwave was actual Dixie perfection. But it also introduced Zoe’s conflicted attraction to Wade and Lemon’s hold over Lavon, which set up the rest of the season’s relationship struggles.

Image: Michael Yarish/The CW

Season 1, "Bachelorettes & Bullets"

This episode was a struggle — everyone carried the weight of the secret of Lavon and Lemon’s affair while George was away in New York. And it finally came to a head in this episode, leaving Lemon and Zoe without George Tucker in their lives.

Image: Michael Yarish/The CW

Season 1, "The Big Day"

The Season 1 finale was bittersweet to say the least and a full-on disappointment for George and Zoe ‘shippers. A thunderstorm hit Bluebell and forced its characters to make decisions on their love lives, leading Zoe and Wade to their first hook-up and George to call off his marriage.

Also, I couldn’t not include this episode with its classic moment of George walking in on Zoe and Wade together after calling off his wedding because he thought he and Zoe were meant to be. Womp.

Image: Greg Gayne/The CW

Season 2, "I Fall To Pieces"

Lemon suffers from anxiety attacks about her failed life with George and Zoe forced to choose between the two eligible bachelor’s in her life. But the most important part of this episode is Lemon’s decision to take charge of her life, move out of her father’s house, and get an apartment and a job for herself.

Female empowerment for the win.

Image: Danny Feld/The CW

Season 2, "Sparks Fly"

The basket auction — doesn’t Bluebell seem to have the best of the best events? Well, Wade’s finally fed up with Zoe’s plan to “keep things casual” so he suggests that they take their relationship to the next level by going on a date. And Zoe’s convinced that if she wants Wade, she has to commit, because there are other women interested in his basket.

Zade is born, hooray.

Image: Eddy Chen/The CW

Season 2, "The Gambler"

The most disappointing episode of Dixie in all of its three seasons and a truly difficult episode to watch, even though it’s important. Wade cheats on Zoe after she tries to force him to let George be the lead singer in his band because she thinks he’d have a better chance at winning the Battle of the Bands with him. While it was a terrible episode to sit through, for Zoe’s sake, it was a smart move to reveal that Wade hadn’t really changed from the self-destructive man he’s always been. And it opened up an opportunity for Zoe to reflect on what she really wanted.

Image: Greg Gayne/The CW

Season 3, "Here You Come Again"

Lemon’s return to Bluebell was everything in Season 3. But mostly, it was the reintroduction of her character as a sexually liberated, independent being that makes this episode a must-watch for Lemon fans and Dixie fans.

Image: Greg Gayne/The CW

Season 3, "A Better Man"

This was a game-changing episode for Dixie and Zade, when Zoe was tasked with saving Wade’s relationship with her cousin Vivian. Could she really do it if she wasn’t completely over Wade? Luckily, she didn’t have to make that decision, but she did have to tell Wade that Vivian had gotten back together with her ex-husband and it was heartbreaking watching Wade blame Zoe for not trying hard enough to stop it.

Image: Greg Gayne/The CW

Season 3, "Second Chance"

The ending of this finale was the worst, but the episode in itself was important for the series. More important than the Season 1 finale, perhaps, which is a tall order. The hiccups epidemic in Bluebell drove everyone to reveal the truth about themselves and their feelings and pretty much reset the series going into Season 4, which it really needed after wasting so many episodes on Joel.

Image: Eddy Chen/The CW