Her Surprise Performance Was Another Diva Moment

It seems like the world collectively decided overnight that Ariana Grande is the biggest young diva to ever have divaed. Rumors that Grande is a diva have existed since the start of her career, but never have there been as many stories about her insane demands as there have been now. Then again, she's never been as popular as she is now. Grande won back some points with a performance at a gay club that was both free and a surprise, but a new report from the New York Daily News will lose her those points just as quickly. Apparently, Grande harassed the hotel with her diva demands prior to the performance and this is pretty outrageous behavior.

"Before she got there she made security clear out the entire lobby. Even if you were a guest at the hotel you had to clear out,” said an anonymous source to the Daily News. "No one could sit in the lobby, but she came in the back. She took up a unisex bathroom with her mother and father and put two bodyguards outside." Grande then went on to instruct security to get rid of the paparazzi outside of the hotel and took over a huge conference room to use as a dressing room, forcing the guests to have to show their key cards to get anywhere within the hotel. Even then, Grande is noted to have been taking up "3,000 square feet of hotel space".

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To be fair, you can't really blame Grande for wanting the paparazzi gone. After all, the surprise concert was supposed to be a gift to the members of the BPM club and it would have been selfless of her to not want it to get out as if she's only doing it to court the attention. However, the Daily News mentions that Grande had "her own camera crew and a small group of personal photographers with her", which completely undermines even that selfless motive. Imagining Grande getting rid of the paparazzi so she can replace them with her own photographers willing to only photograph her from the left side is really awkward.

According to the source, Grande also had an entourage of over 20 people with her, including her mother Joan and brother Frankie, but her representative has already come forward to deny the allegations. "She was there with her family, dancers (who performed) and three friends," said the rep, which isn't much of a defense against the other claims being levied against Grande. After all, I don't think the amount of people in her entourage was really the main problem of the guests that she inconvenienced with this reported behavior.

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However, the rep did precede this with the statement "simply untrue", which could be a blanket sentence to cover the entire story as a whole. The thing is, as crazy as all of these stories about Grande are getting, the truth is that when this many stories keep coming out about your behavior and there is evidence to support it then it's hard to completely dismiss it outright. Grande has been at the center of not one but two on-set feuds in the past and people, from former co-star Jennette McCurdy to E!'s Giuliana Rancic, have come forward to diss or mock her. Add that to the fact that we can literally count the number of photographs she takes that show her right side and doubting that she's a diva becomes a little hard.

It was nice of Grande to stay up after Saturday Night Live in order to perform for her fans at BPM, but the way she allegedly went about it was 100% diva. Hopefully, these stories are untrue or Grande might find public opinion of her as controversial as, well, that of Mariah Carey. Which would be ironic considering Grande is rumored to hate being compared to Carey anyway.

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