Her Latest Move Isn't Diva-ish at All

When I'm not talking about Ariana Grande, I am just waiting for someone to bring her up. I stan for Ariana Grande and I am not afraid to admit it. Life as an Arianantor has been pretty rough these days though. With headline after headline slamming the singer for "diva behavior" and outrageous claims that she does not care about her fans and wants them to die, I am always trying to defend my girl. When I heard that Ariana Grande was going to perform on the Saturday Night Live season premiere, I immediately recorded the episode. Then my excitement died down and I got nervous about the inevitable news stories about her behind-the-scenes behavior that I would read about Sunday morning. Of course, my girl killed her live performances on the show. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did. Instead of a negative story, I heard something really cool about Ariana Grande's post-performance behavior. Not only was she amazing on Saturday Night Live, but she kept the performances going for her beloved fans. Ariana Grande made a surprise club appearance performing at a gay nightclub called BMP at three in the morning. And according to reports, she sounded fantastic. Again.

A random performance like this shows a more selfless side to Grande. There has been a lot of chatter about Grande's meet and greet prices being on the higher end. This random, free performance shows that she really does care about her fans and not just her concert profits.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was particular performance was especially meaningful because Grande has been very vocal about appreciating her gay fan base. Her brother, Frankie Grande, is openly gay and was a contestant on this past season of Big Brother. Grande put an Instagram troll on blast who referred to Frankie as "that homo." Both Frankie and her boyfriend, Big Sean, were present to support their favorite girl.

This is the kind of Ariana Grande news i love to hear about. She is slaying every performance, giving back to her fans, and I'm not at all surprised. Hopefully this starts a trend of positive buzz around the adorable pop star and puts the diva rumors to rest.

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