Finally, Some Stylish Emojis

I spend far more time than I'd like to admit browsing through my emoji keyboard for the perfect symbol to describe my current state. I'm talking minutes, people. Minutes of my life. I know that's probably not a mind-blowing disclosure, though, because I know I'm not alone. Even with the latest addition of symbols, the smiley-face-loving-and-girl-in-the-pink-shirt-using masses have spoken: emojis are lacking, not just on the ethnic diversity front, but also in regards to the more playful side. Fashion, beauty and Internet slang are all seriously sparse in that wonderful language of symbols. And while the Unicode Consortium still has a lot of work to do, you can breathe a sigh of relief and turn to the LOLy emoji app for all your fun and stylish symbol needs.

LOLy is the genius app invention of Gina Pell, founder of Splendora and self-proclaimed "emoji savant." LOLy is an iPhone App for "hip" gals and guys with a strong proclivity for emojis and an appreciation for style and humor. If you're one of those people, LOLy promises to speak your language. "LOLy communicates like you do: from animated eye rolls and kissing lips to Pharell’s Happy hat a classic Chanel-style jacket."

LOLy's emojis are larger in size than the typical ones you're used to seeing, giving you and your friends a closer look at all the details of the adorable and well-designed symbols. From Hermes and Tiffany's gift boxes to PBR brews, LOLy seems to have an emoji for every situation or conversation.

Also, instead of boring ol' smiley faces, LOLy gives you 17 kinds of animated lips choose from. Feeling flirty? Use the "Twerk It" lips. In a sassy mood? Insert the "Snarl." LOLy also gives you tons of new ways to greet your friends, whether it's a frozen yogurt cup with the word "YO" on it or Scrabble pieces spelling out "XO."

The best part? Some of LOLy's emojis are even animated! Most of them are free, but you can pay an extra 99 cents to unlock batting lashes, a clapping seal, and a frowning pug. Amazing? Amazing.

The only part that is kind of a bummer is that you have to copy and paste your emojis or send the emojis straight from the LOLy app. You can't readily insert them the way you do the other ones in your keyboard. Although iOS8 now allows for third-party keyboards, it appears as though LOLy emojis are not yet compatible. Perhaps they'll figure out a fix soon (fingers crossed). So come on, fashionable texters, go ahead and give it a whirl.