This CNN Anchor Really Messed Up

by Lauren Barbato

I know, it's not easy to be a news anchor, especially when you're reporting on news as serious as the Oklahoma workplace beheading. But, as the TV show Archer has shown us, phrasing does matter. CNN anchor John Berman learned this the hard way while reporting on Monday night. During a CNN broadcast on the Oklahoma beheading, Berman said "any way you slice it" three times in a row. It was an honest but cringe-worthy mistake.

Berman, who hosts the CNN program The Hour, was just ending his segment on the beheading at a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, which killed one woman and injured another worker. While wrapping up the serious broadcast, Berman used the unfortunate phrase. Then used it again, and again.

Berman said:

It's a sick fascination any way you slice it. There's a woman dead any way you slice it. And this man faces the death penalty, likely, any way you slice it. A lot going on here.

With such commitment to the term "any way you slice it," it seems like Berman was using it deliberately to make a point. However, it was most likely a terrible slip-up, judging by his post-broadcast tweets (not to mention the painful sigh coming from his co-anchor Michaela Pereira ).

Here's the full video of Berman's "any way you slice it" remarks...

Although Berman has apologized to Twitter users for using the unfortunate phrase, that hasn't stopped him from getting bombarded with more questions and complaints. He may be at this for a while...

Lesson learned: News anchors have a teleprompter for a reason.

Image: John Berman/Facebook