There's A Lot Of "Cheating" On 'The Mindy Project'

Tuesday was like a Real World reunion on The Mindy Project , when old flames and current flames all coexisted in one elevator with Mindy Lahiri in the middle of it all. There were many revelations in this episode. 1) Mindy goes on a "date" with Cliff. WHY can't we just have an uncomplicated relationship for Danny and Mindy, please? 2) Danny is married still. Again, WHY? And 3) Brendan Deslaurier is still as awful as he was earlier in the show.

When Mindy Lahiri finds out she is getting served by the Government — with a capital G — for not paying her taxes in six years — has she learned nothing from Real Housewives of New Jersey — she, and the other partners at the practice, start worrying about the future of Shulman & Associates. As any wise person who doesn't want to become the next subject for Orange is the New Black Season 3 would do, Mindy turns to her ex-boyfriend and lawyer, Cliff. But is rekindling with your ex ever that easy? Of course not, especially when he won't help unless you're not with the man you cheated on him with. And that's when things get messy. Let's run down all of the "cheating" that happened in this episode.

Mindy goes on "a date" with Cliff

Really, it all started when Mindy and Danny hooked up when Mindy and Cliff were still together... technically. But in this episode, Mindy convinces Cliff to help her with her legal issues once she tells him that her and Danny are no longer an item. More specifically, Danny cheated on Mindy, that's why they are no longer together. Cliff buys it — obviously, Cliff is the most gullible person to ever be a character on a television show — and invites Mindy to a fancy restaurant to talk over her legal issues. Not a good sign, especially when Mindy tells Danny she is going to her "all women's gym" to work out instead of meeting Cliff (also, how did Danny not have an opinion on the "all women's gym"? He has an opinion on everything!). At dinner is when Mindy finds out the next bit of "cheating" news...

Danny is still married to Christina

This is when the record player comes to a screeching halt and everyone at the party stops all signs of conversation. According to Danny, the marriage is annulled, but that isn't OK with Mindy, which causes a little tension between the two. Danny wants to right this wrong though, and make it official, enlisting Cliff's help in finalizing the divorce.

The love triangle between Peter, Jeremy, & Lauren

Man, I was so rooting for Peter to pull through on this love triangle. Peter's girlfriend, Lauren, made out with Jeremy earlier this season, but it seemed like they were going to make it work, right? Wrong, because Jeremy and Lauren decided at the end of this episode to continue their relationship, leaving Peter all alone with the unhealthy Pomeranian, Nicole, from Morgan's dog adoption.

Images: Isabella Vosmikova (2), Eddy Chen, Beth Dubber/FOX