Is Ally Brooke Dating Troy Ogletree? Your "Trolly" Shipping Seems to Have Worked

The pop group Fifth Harmony placed third on X Factor in 2012 and they have been moving forward ever since. The buzz around the group is growing and the ladies are getting a lot of attention both together and individually. Of course, success and fame can form a doubled-edged sword because now everyone wants to go beyond the music and learn more about the girls and their personal lives. Allyson Brooke Hernandez, professionally known as Ally Brooke, is the oldest member of Fifth Harmony at age 21 and, like with the other members, it's hard not to wonder about her romantic status. As a pop star on the rise, does she even have time for boys? Or does this give her more opportunities to meet people? Is Ally Brooke single or canoodling with another pop star like one of her Fifth Harmony bandmates?

As expected, there is some secrecy surrounding her love life. However, with this generation's obsessive need to document anything and everything on social media, we do have some Instagram evidence to overanalyze. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Or at least some sort of clever hash tag. On top of that, there are plenty of videos and tweets that allude to Ally Brooke being far from single.

So who is the lucky guy who's been tagged in all sorts of social media posts with Ally Brooke? YouTube personality Troy Ogletree. Their fans even refer to them as "Trolly." There has been no actual confirmation of romance from Ally Brooke or Ogletree and there is little information about the duo, but check out the evidence — the signs are all there.

They Go on Rollercoasters Together

They Take Blurry Selfies

They Make Lauren Jauregui the Third Wheel

They Celebrate Birthdays

They Make Funny Vines Together


They Hang with Mutual Friends

They Hack Each Other's Social Media Accounts

They Give Piggyback Rides

They Ice Skate... While Holding Hands

They Look Cute Together

Of course, this "evidence" is all very subjective, but come on, just look at them! This seems like a lot of time and social media posts for the duo to be "just friends" to me, but we'll see

Images: Ally Brooke, Troy Ogletree/Instagram