8 Facts About Us the Duo That Will Make You Love Them as Much as Oprah Does

Vine offers its users a viral buffet of addicting content, from little kids doing adorable things to angry guys saying hilarious things, so determining which video you should devote six seconds of your time to can be more than a little challenging. Luckily for you, the musically gifted Vining couple 'Us The Duo' is the answer to your prayers. If you watch their videos and they don't give you immediate life, well, then... there's no hope for you. There's the door. See ya never.

The pair is made up of Michael Alvarado, 25, and Carissa Rae Alvarado, 23, a husband and wife whose musical talent will make you seethe with jealousy, swoon because they're SO EFFING CUTE, and then curse them forever for getting their songs stuck in your head for hours at a time. Does that sound like a roller coaster of emotions that you're trying to ride? It should, because their covers of popular songs are hashtag flawless and you need to have listened to them, like, yesterday. Get caught up on everything Us below, and then go impress all of your social media addicted friends with your ~knowledge~.

1. They have roots on YouTube, but it wasn't until they joined Vine that they really blossomed

Us The Duo on YouTube

Believe it or not, their songs are better than the nature metaphor I just used. (I know, I know — impossible.) Their YouTube account enjoyed a bit of success thanks to their catchy original songs (and also their separate fan followings from their solo singing careers pre-Duo), but Vine was what really put them on the map thanks to their six-second renditions of Top 40 hits.

2. They currently have four MILLION followers on Vine

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All of whom clearly have the right idea. Listen to the compilation of their best covers this year above, and try not to swoon.

3. Us The Duo's first album just came out, and it's the perfectly twee soundtrack to your life that you've been looking for

The album came out this May (you can buy it on iTunes!) and the couple proves that their talent for original music is just as strong as their cover acts.

4. They're in lurrrrrve — Real love

Us The Duo on YouTube

The pair met in 2011 at a friend’s music video shoot, and apparently after just three hours of hanging with Carissa, Michael told his friends he was going to marry her. I mean... bye.

5. Carissa is a big Lorde fan

In an interview with Audrey magazine, she spilled that Lorde's album Pure Heroine "has been [playing] on repeat lately." Girl's got taste!

6. They had one really unique aspect of their wedding

Us The Duo on YouTube

Michael and Carissa told PopCrush that although they never planned on singing at their own wedding, their vows just came naturally through song. SO. COOL.

7. You can hear their music in the upcoming movie The Book of Life

Us The Duo on YouTube

Their first single since they inked a deal with Republic Records is "No Matter Where You Are," which you can hear not once, but twice in the animated film coming out on Oct. 17. Fun fact: it's the song they used for their wedding vows.

8. They're besties with Oprah because obviously

After hearing their song in The Book of Life, Oprah boarded the Us The Duo fandom train and invited them to come along with her on her Life You Want tour, where she "handpicks life trailblazers" for a live, transformational weekend event. When you're hanging with the Big O, it's safe to say you've made it.