6 Reasons 'The Mysteries of Laura' Is Worth Another Chance

Sometimes it's really hard to decide which new series deserve spots in your already stacked Fall TV lineup. I get it, I've been there. I also know how difficult it can be to not be deterred by the Internet — which has given Debra Messing's new NBC series, The Mysteries of Laura , a tough time since its premiere on Sept. 17. But I encourage you to give the series a shot for yourself, because you know what they say about people being resistant to change. Messing's new series, aside from starring the Will & Grace and Smash actress we love, features a complex and unique female character who basically kicks total ass. So, is it worth your time? Absolutely and, at the very least, worth some space on your DVR.

Look, Laura is the kooky cousin of Law & Order: SVU and Messing's character, Laura Diamond, is like the free-spirited, haphazard sister of Olivia Benson that just happened to get into solving crime as well. Yes, it has a lot going on, but it's not SVU and she's not Olivia Benson, even if they're both crime shows with women solving crimes. So you can't try to fit it into the same box. You have to approach Laura with an open mind and you can start by considering these six reasons to give the show a chance.

Debra Messing, Of Course

Show me a person who doesn't love Debra Messing and I'll tell you that they have no idea what they're talking about. Not for nothing, but she might be Connie Britton's only competition for Best Hair in Hollywood — of course, that's not the only reason to love her, but I'm just saying that means something. Aside from all of this, however, Messing is talented — she's made us laugh, she made us watch Smash even when we couldn't stand Katherine McPhee's character, and she's a major selling point for Laura.

And Josh Lucas

Do I even need to tell you why Josh Lucas is a reason to watch The Mysteries of Laura? First, his character has the same name as another character Lucas played in Sweet Home Alabama — Jake. Which further makes me reevaluate how the only way to get divorced from Josh Lucas onscreen is if he's a philanderer or an unmotivated jerk. Because, otherwise, you take one look at those blue eyes and hear that slight Southern drawl and you're hooked. For life.

Pop Culture References

In last Wednesday's episode, Laura referenced Fifty Shades of Grey, Sex and the City, and 22 Jump Street. And that's just naming a few, by the way. If you're someone like me, who revels in the sweet satisfaction of "getting" references to pop culture in television shows, this is the new series for you. Seriously, you won't be disappointed and it makes for an excellent and easy drinking game. Boo ya.

Its Got A Little Bit Of Everything

Relationships, crime, family — The Mysteries of Laura is part crime show, part romantic comedy, and part family dramedy. Variety is good, people. Embrace it instead of trying to compartmentalize it, because it's worth your time.

Laura Is Complex

She's an ex-wife, she's a mother, she's a cop, she's reintegrating into the dating scene. While the series has so many things going for it, Laura herself also has a lot going for her beyond the fact that she's a strong, female character on primetime television.

The Supporting Cast Is Great

Any series that has a character that recognizes the sound of European-style steamed milk is a series that you should watch. But the supporting cast of Laura, which also features a True Blood alum, has the perfect balance of sarcasm and humor that plays perfectly alongside Messing and Lucas. Really, what's a series without its supporting cast, right?

Images: Will Hart/NBC (7)