1963 Bette Davis Interview Resurfaces, Provides Yet More Evidence for Her Awesomeness

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thanks to PBS's series Blank on Blank , an old interview with Bette Davis from 1963 is making the rounds online, and it's a reminder of how wonderful a human being she was. Known for speaking her mind in a time when outspoken women were frowned upon, Davis was as candid as ever in the interview, freely discussing Hollywood's changing gender roles in the early '60s. What makes the interview especially interesting is seeing what's changed for women in the past 40 years — and what hasn't. One of the the most resonant parts of the interview is Davis' discussion of the "terrible hindrance" of being intelligent in a society that expects women to rely on their looks to get anywhere:

Sound familiar? Women may have more opportunities now in the workforce than they did at the time of the interview, but sexism and harassment at work are still all too common facts of life. Davis goes on to talk about several other topics women know very well these days, from the difficulty of balancing work and home life to the lack of movies being written for and about women. As for the latter subject, she claimed there was "always the idea that this is not the time to do a picture like that... The public doesn't want it." Is anyone else thinking of the Black Widow movie that Marvel producers still haven't made?The interview may be 51 years old, but Davis' remarks remain relevant. Even if you're not a fan of her movies (even though you should be), she's a well-spoken and interesting interviewee, so give it a watch. The beautiful animation doesn't hurt either. Now, excuse me while I plan yet another All About Eve viewing.

Blank on Blank on YouTube

Image: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images