Here's What Beyonce's Thighs Look Like Without a Photoshopped Thigh Gap – PHOTOS

Finally, we can know what Beyoncé's thighs look like without a Photoshopped thigh gap, after the diva released some natural photos of herself wearing a white bikini while on vacation with her family on her website. The answer, for any moron out there who might have thought otherwise, is "flawless." Just like any woman's un-Photoshopped thighs, Beyoncé's womanly physique looks just as good (if not better) than with an inexplicable and unnatural foot-and-a-half of space between her legs. In case you haven't been keeping up: On account of the Internet being insane and people being the absolute worst, recent conversation has been swirling around the accusation that Beyoncé regularly retouches photos shared on social media to make it appear that she has a "thigh gap" between her legs.

The "who cares" argument aside, (seriously though, who cares? Haven't we accepted yet that this is common practice among vain celebrities who have proclaimed themselves paragons of and martyrs to ridiculously unattainable ideals of beauty?) Beyoncé is one pop star, with her "Flawless" mantra, you'd generally expect not to do shitty things like warp her body into impossible proportions using image-altering technology. But hey, Bey's just a self-conscious, narcissistic human, too (celebrities, they're just like us!), and if anything, the newly released photos are her comment without a comment. It's her unexpectedly singing the national anthem at a press conference after lip synching at Obama's inauguration. It's Beyoncé saying, "Okay, you got me, but look how good I actually am, HAHA bitch, now who got who?!"

Beyoncé might not have the whole body acceptance/reality thing down pat yet, but the woman sure knows how to respond to criticism not only gracefully, but in a way that makes you feel the same way your mom does when she says she's not mad at you, just "disappointed."

Images: Beyonce