'The Sims 4' Ghosts & Swimming Pools Are Back, Baby, And More Gloriously Sadistic Than Ever

So, there's something we should talk about. It's no huge secret anymore that a lot of people really aren't liking The Sims 4. A quick glance at its Metacritic scores illustrates the problem — while it's garnered somewhat decent scores from critics, players who've chimed in have not felt the same way. If that's you, well, here's a potentially helpful mea culpa from the folks at Electronic Arts: Ghosts are back in The Sims 4! So you'll be able to amuse yourself with your recently deceased denizens again, just like you did back in The Sims 3. it may sound like cold comfort, but hey, life is all about silver linings.

Actually, EA is planning to roll out a few more familiar tweaks to The Sims 4, beyond just these wispy apparitions. There's an update coming in November that people will surely be clamoring for, as its absence was oft-criticized leading up to the game's release — swimming pools are coming back, too. In other words, pretty soon you'll have ghosts, and also the number one way to make ghosts. So, what can you get up to with your freshly dead former Sims? They're a little more sophisticated than in the last game, so here's a few examples.

Become a Firestarter

One of the interesting changes between how The Sims 3's ghosts worked and how the new ones will is that the manner in which a Sim died will apparently influence some of their ghostly abilities.

Speaking to Kotaku about the new update, executive producer Rachel Franklin explained that if a Sim died in a fire, for example, their ghost would be prone to setting blazes around their favorite haunts. So basically, once that swimming pool update comes out, expect a lot of watery ghouls splashing around.

Have Ghost-on-Human Sex

Yup, you can take your oppressive sexual taboos someplace else. In The Sims 4, ghosts and living people alike can make the adult, consensual decision to knock boots. And really, it makes sense — what could be cooler than a ghost boyfriend or girlfriend? Your name whispering creepily in the wind, romantic phase-ins through the bedroom walls... I'm getting lonely just talking about it.

Bum Out Your Friends

As Franklin told Kotaku, some of the ghost traits can hinge entirely on a pre-death emotional state, as well. That's because some emotions can cause a Sim's death on their own — so if someone died from embarrassment, for example, they'd be making everyone around them terribly uncomfortable just by being around.

And considering that ghosts don't have much to do but haunt, it's a safe bet that they'll be spreading their emotional tensions all over the place. It gives an all new meaning to "ghost at the feast."

Take a Ghost S**t

Yup, they really are just like us.

Images: TheSims/YouTube (5)