Sarah Silverman's 'Saturday Night Live' Promos Will Give You Hope For This Week's Episode — VIDEO

It's a difficult feat for a show to have the genius Chris Pratt at their disposal and, somehow, still manage to deliver a lackluster episode, but Saturday Night Live proved that it's a possible one to achieve when they had Pratt on as a host last week. That isn't to say that the episode was bad, because it wasn't — it was just kind of "meh," definitely not up to the SNL 40th season premiere standards we'd all set for the series in our heads. But! Good news: If these new SNL promos featuring host Sarah Silverman (but not this week's musical guest Maroon 5, womp womp) are any indication, it looks like this weekend's episode might actually be enjoyable and funny. Success!

Silverman herself, of course, is an accomplished and hilarious comedian, so the episode already has an advantage with her on board this week — but it also has another, perhaps lesser-known leg-up that this promo wastes no time tackling (and poking fun at): Silverman was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live during its '93-'94 season. So, she's already familiar with the SNL process, and can hopefully revitalize the show and its sketches.

Another plus: Taran Killam is also featured alongside Silverman in the promos, and they actually make a great team as far as banter goes. Utilize that, SNL!

Check out the promo below. As always, SNL will air this Saturday on NBC at 11:30 pm.

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Image: NBC