Who Is 'Bad Judge' Star Tone Bell? He Has Plenty of Experience Making Audiences Laugh

Generally, the best a sitcom can hope for in its pilot is a solid premise, a few good jokes, and a great cast. Bad Judge doesn't necessarily have the first two, but it definitely tries to make up for it with an amazing group of performers. One of those performers is comedian and actor Tone Bell, who plays Tedward, Rebecca Wright's bailiff on Bad Judge . Bell is playing it straight as a stabilizing force for Kate Walsh's Rebecca, the sort of disorganized, gross antihero that you usually see scruffy and handsome brown-haired TV actors playing, so it's nice to see Walsh get a chance to play for punchlines instead of starring in another doctor show.

In addition to Bell, the supporting cast around Walsh includes Ryan Hansen as Gary, Rebecca's kind-of love interest. Hansen had the comedy role of his career in Party Down , but hasn't been able to get anything close to it since, save Veronica Mars , so it's good to have him among talented people again. And fellow costar John Ducey is a sitcom veteran as well. While Bell isn't the most experienced person on the cast, he's has already racked up dozens of funny credits. Maybe he'll be able to make use of them on Bad Judge.

He Won the Stand-Up NBC Diversity Talent Search

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Bell's fellow Stand-Up NBC winners include performers like Eric Andre, Deon Cole, and Hannibal Buress. After winning the competition, Bell was offered a development deal from NBC.

He Cameoed in This Key & Peele Sketch

Comedy Central on YouTube

He was a supporting player in this sketch that both made fun of and attempted to make a saying out of the phrase "put the pussy on the chainwax."

He Stars In a Web Series Produced By Russell Simmons

All Def Digital on YouTube

Along with fellow stand-ups Sydney Castillo and James Davis, Bell stars in this web series that combines an open mic, the comics riffing in the green room, and the occasional cutaway gag that's like a five-second sketch. The chemistry between Davis, Castillo, and Bell is the reason to watch.

His Older Stand-up Is Still Relevant

Tone Bell on YouTube

Black stand-ups don't only have to talk about racism, but as Dear White People gets closer to theaters and people continue acting ignorant, it feels like he could have come up with this weeks ago instead of back in 2011.

He Kills It On Late Night TV


Even though he's transitioning from stand-up to acting, Bell still delivers behind the mic — but damn, when is he going to buy some actual furniture?

He Was Even On Whitney

And while that's not the best show he's ever appeared on, he made it all the way to season regular, and NBC must have liked his performance enough to bring him back for Bad Judge.

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