Stella McCartney's New Line Has A Larger Purpose

Like most designers, Stella McCartney has had a busy last couple weeks, prepping and preparing for her spring/summer 2015 runway show (and yes, Cara Delevingne was there). But even with September coming to an end, McCartney is still busy. Her newest campaign? Stella McCartney and Kate Moss lingerie for breast cancer awareness, a cause close to the designer's heart.

The campaign includes a photo of the one and only Kate Moss modeling the hot pink lingerie with a breast cancer awareness ribbon not-so-randomly included in the shot. Moss and McCartney have teamed up for the campaign in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month. McCartney lost her mother, Linda, to the disease in 1998 when she was only 56 years old.

According to Marie Claire, McCartney said that she hopes the pink lingerie set will be a reminder to women to check their breasts frequently, and mentioned her own family experience with the disease as a reminder of just how important it is for women to be aware of their bodies.

"I wanted to remind women that when they wear this set, the first thing they put on in the morning, to keep on top of their health and visit their doctor regularly. I wanted it to be the initial starting point of awareness of this terrible illness," McCartney said. "Not only does the set serve as a healthy reminder, but it looks great, fits incredible well, and is comfortable and stylish."

As for choosing Kate Moss for the campaign, McCartney said that she has known the model for years, and thought she was the perfect choice to join her in raising awareness for the cause.

"Kate is a strong feminine woman with a daughter and a husband; a strong family unit. For her it was important to bring awareness to this campaign to keep families together," McCartney said.

McCartney hopes that the sales of the new pink lingerie set will fund a mammography suite at the Liverpool hospital that is named after her mother, the Linda McCartney Centre.

"If you can prevent this illness coming into your life and destroying your family unit, then there is nothing more important. I can’t think of anything more important than staying healthy for yourself and for your loved ones," McCartney said.

The collection is available on the Stella McCartney website or in stores.

Images: Stella McCartney