'ANTM' Cycle 21 Cast Vs. Past 'ANTM' Contestants, Because Someone's Gotta Be The Jade

Ah, the top 10 is here and the girls are finally on top. Well, this week anyway. After last week's surprising results, there are five guys and five girls left on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 and the stakes are higher than ever. And the best part about it is that despite the ANTM addition of the guys, not all that much has changed. Between the Tyra Mail, the makeovers, the challenges and the house drama, the contestants are really the only thing that consistently changes from season to season. So who's left and how do we tell them apart? Well, by comparing Cycle 21's Top 10 to other cycles, of course.

Image: Patrick Wymore/The CW

Lenox: The Jade Cole

Jade Cole left way too early in Cycle 6 and unfortunately never made it to the All Star season. Luckily for Lenox, that wasn’t the case. Lenox proved herself to be the dark horse this cycle, but only because Romeo was dumb enough to get himself eliminated. Tyra gave Lenox the second chance that Jade Cole never got, she just has to be willing to take it.

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Will: The Cory Wade Hindorff

Will could be the next Cory Wade Hindorff — and not just because he’s gay. He is serious competition this season and all the guys and even some of the girls in the house know it. Right now Will is at the middle of the pack, but then again so was Cory for a time. He is the strongest male, and he can walk in six-inch pumps — what else could he need to be on top?

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Kari: The Analeigh Tipton

Kari has a similarly unique and adoring look to my own personal favorite contestant, Analeigh Tipton — a Cycle 11 fan favorite, who Vulture ranked number one in the 15 Most Successful ANTM Contestants. After placing third in her cycle, Analeigh found success in acting and even landed the lead role in ABC’s newest rom-com series Manhattan Love Story. Even though Kari has scored consistently low this cycle, she has one of the best looks of the remaining contestants and a similar focus to Analeigh’s. If she plays her cards her cards right, Kari’s success could gain her fans and a potential career outside of modeling.

Image: Massimo Campana/The CW

Matthew: The Laura LaFrate

Matthew is the seemingly confused one in the house — and not just because he hasn’t quite figured out how to turn his fine ass into a model. This hot, scruffy boy could just be the Ying to Laura LaFrate’s Yang. Laura LaFrate was the bisexual contestant from America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion, who was seemingly obsessed with sex and not afraid to show it. Like Laura, Matthew doesn’t care whether the other Cycle 21 contestants think he’s gay or straight — he is who he is and doesn’t feel the need to put a label on it. Confidence is an admirable trait, and it landed Laura second place in her own cycle.

Image: Massimo Campana/The CW

Mirjana: The Angelea Preston

During the ANTM All Stars Cycle, Angela Preston was dubbed the “Girl From the Hood,” with a personality that could be heard across all five boroughs of New

York. Mirjana has the same dramatic spunk and bi-polar attitude as our dearly departed (and disqualified) Angelea. Like Angelea, Mirjana has a knack for getting distracted by the men in her life, namely Matthew and now Denzel, and it’s getting in the way of her modeling. In the mean time, she also had the nerve to say that Lenox (aka Jade), of all people, doesn’t deserve to be there? Girl, you crazy? When it comes to modeling she’s a firecracker, but Mirjana’s attitude is getting on her roommates’ last nerve and it’s only a matter of time before it ends her.

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Keith: The Don Benjamin

OMG. Don Benjamin — aka ANTM’s first male heartthrob and the current holder of 812,036 Instagram followers. Like Don, Keith has a similar knack for playing the game with the ladies in the house. Don’s only problem: he couldn’t really model. Last week, Kelly Cutrone accused Keith of being a one trick pony, with a pretty face but no real modeling potential. Keith is clearly the most attractive of the male bunch, but he’ll need some heavy tutoring if he has any intention of surpassing Don’s 8th place trophy.

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Raelia: The Shannon Stewart

Raelia may be a virgin but she ain’t no prude. You might remember the oh-so-innoncent Shannon Stewart, who is best known for her refusal to wear undergarments in shoots. But she also had a knack for taking some pretty sexy, angelic pictures. Raelia has the same sweet, innocence but she takes easily the most seductive pictures of the pack. When Lenox refused to be sexy, Raelia stated that being a virgin doesn’t mean having to look a certain way and that’s exactly the mindset that’s going to get her far in the competition.

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Adam: The Lisa D'Amato

Lisa the Wild Child and Adam the Frat Bro: what better pairing is there? Adam’s had a little trouble as a model and even more trouble off set with accusations of being a homophobe. But our resident party girl Lisa D’Amato overcame her own drunken antics from Cycle 5 and came out with a win or her own in the “All Star” Cylcle. Creative Director Yu Tsai said Adam is slowly improving with each shoot and his restraint with Romeo proved that his own character is as well. If he can step up his model game he could very well be the next Lisa D’Amato recovery story.

Image: Massimo Campana/The CW

Shei: The Sheena Sakai

Shei’s warrior-esque makeover gives her one of the fiercest looks this cycle, but the reason she’s so far down on this list is because I simply forgot about her. Her name suits her because it pretty accurately describes her demeanor on set — shy. Cycle 11’s Sheena Sakai had what it takes to land her a spot in the All Star Cycle, but not quite enough to take it all the way. And neither will Shei if she doesn’t step up her game. Like Sheena, Shei was a fan favorite in the beginning but I’m afraid she’s starting to lose her edge. Sheena didn’t have any reason to go home so early — she was talented and spunky just like Shei. Shei needs to shine in the next couple photo shoots to get back on top.

Image: Franco Lacosta/The CW

Denzel: The Marvin Cortes

Denzel most relates to last cycle’s Marvin Cortes in my mind because he found someone “warm to hold” along the way. Marvin’s girl, Renee, might have lost sight of the prize but Marvin was able to make it all the way to runner-up. Even with Mirjana by his side, Denzel still has his eyes on the prize — and if he keeps them there, even Mirjana won’t stand in his way.

Image: Massimo Campana/The CW