'Mean Girls' Made the Projection Room Above the Auditorium Into Hookup Central, But That's Not the Whole Story

The projection room above the auditorium from Mean Girls has seen it all. The notorious room is the site of many historic hook ups in North Shore High School history, from Coach Carr and Trang Pak to Regina George and Shane Oman. Throughout all of those moments, the projection room kept its silence, kept its secrets, and kept the peace in the halls of North Shore. But now, ten years to the anniversary of October 3rd AKA the moment Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was, the projection room is finally ready to tell its side of the story to Bustle. The reasons for this are simple. It's been ten years since the Plastics ruled North Shore and the projection room no longer has to fear for its safety from Regina George. Plus, it's tired of being considered a place of debauchery.

"It was more than just hook ups, you know," said the projection room when this Bustle reporter sat on the floor in the very spot where Shane Oman was caught by Aaron Samuels with his pants down — literally. "I mean, yeah, there were a lot of those, but I am first and foremost a projection room. I project things. It's my whole schtick."

It was only when Cady Heron transferred to North Shore High School that the projection room began projecting more than just presentations, films, and the occasional rain backdrop for Drama Club scenes. When Cady Heron came to North Shore, everything changed. "It started with Regina and Shane. Every Thursday, they'd be in here with their SAT books discarded, going at it like — like animals, really," the projection room reflected. "I remember one day Gretchen Weiners walked in on her and you should have seen her face. So classic. I have no idea how Regina kept her quiet about it."

But what about Coach Carr and Trang Pak? “That actually wasn’t the most scandalous thing to happen in here,” said the projection room. “Coach Carr brought both of his girlfriends in here, Trang and Sun Jin Dinh. He was such a creep. Janis Ian made out with Kevin Gnapoor in here — and broke up with him in here, too. Glen Coco lost his virginity in here.” At this, I had to pause and stare at the projection room with my mouth wide open. Glen Coco?

"It was really funny actually," the projection room continued. "It was during prom and they just fell in here. I kept saying, 'Glenn Coco? FOUR for you Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco!' But they couldn't hear me. Of course I watched the movie. Me and the auditorium and the teacher's lounge all watched it together. They bought me a beer when my scene came on."

At the end of the day, the projection room above the auditorium just wants Mean Girls fans to know that it wasn't all fun and games as shown in the film. It did real work for the school and provided an important service. In fact, the projection room was a place for

  • Powerpoint presentations during school assemblies
  • Lighting shows during school plays and talent shows
  • Students who were members of the North Shore Drama Club Stage Crew

And, contrary to the film, the projection room was NOT a place for

  • Students to hook up with each other

"That does happen, obviously," the projection room finished. "But it's not all that happened. Mean Girls totally exaggerated that."

Note: Obviously this story is a complete fabrication. Glen Coco's virginity is not for us to speculate on. Oh, and the projection room above the auditorium can't talk or give interviews to Bustle. But if it could, I bet it would have one epic story to tell.

Image: YouTube; out-gayed/Tumblr