You Can Tweet For Free Marc Jacobs Perfume

Remember back in February how the world swooned when Marc Jacobs opened the doors to his “Tweet Shop,” the pop-up store that accepted tweets and Instagrams in lieu of traditional payment for its luxurious wares? It was a revolutionary concept – free, effective, and widespread social media marketing that fans actually did themselves. Shoppers, who would probably be snapping pics of their day anyway, simply exchanged their social media skills for lovely little goodies. Now they're kicking their original concept up a notch: Marc Jacobs' "Tweet Shop" is available on your iPhone. Yep, from October 6 through October 8, your selfie might be worth a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy.

By teaming up with the app Chitter, Marc Jacobs has come up with a new giveaway that’ll have everyone tweeting up a storm and bring the "Tweet Shop" experience to everyone. Chitter is pretty simple. Just plug in your zip code and it’ll give you tons of deals (both in your area and nationally) that you can unlock by doing just one small task that the app assigns. Since Marc Jacobs' first foray, social media campaigns and fan participation seem to be popping up everywhere. For example, tweeting a selfie with your coffee can earn you a free pastry at a local café. Free swag for free marketing. Admit it, you were going to Instagram your #organic #homemade dinner anyway, so why not get free stuff for it?

For this particularly giveaway, simply download the Chitter app to your iPhone, snap a creative selfie that promotes Marc Jacobs Daisy, and then tweet it through the app, and you’ve entered! Easy peasy. The best, most imaginative entries get themselves one of the three bottles of Daisy that are up for grabs. Since Daisy is particularly targeted to bubbly, social media savvy, millennials this collaboration seems like a perfect fit.

Here are some of our favorite fan tweets and instas back from the pop up shop’s social media Daisy campaign. Take some inspiration from these snap-happy ladies and good luck! Now get tweeting.

Images:, marcjacobsfragrances/Instagram, i_love_lipstick/Twitter, chiaraferragni/Instagram, hannamolivia/Instagram, natzmorris/Twitter, songofstyle/Instagram