Did Teresa Really Have a Pre-Prison Party?

Take this one with a grain of salt. There are rumors floating around that Teresa Giudice threw a pre-prison sentencing party over the weekend. There is no personal confirmation from her or pictures of the event to verify the story, and I hope that this means it's not true. It is being reported that Teresa and her husband Joe threw a lavish party at a club called Pure Lounge in Parsippany, New Jersey. She supposedly "joked around with their friends and family as they ate cake and celebrated their last days of freedom."

I have been a faithful Real Housewives of New Jersey viewer from the get-go. I have even been to a Teresa Giudice cookbook signing event. We follow each other on Twitter — a highlight of my social media life, I have to admit. A lot of people give her flack for being "dumb" on television because she stumbles on her words, forgets some basic grammar points, and has made some out of turn comments — but haven't we all?

As a reality television junkie, I feel like I have been there for her story through the good times and the bad, and no matter what my opinion is about her, she is certainly no dumb dumb. Obviously, she is involved in some legal drama — no need for me to be yet another person harping on her for that — but I find it very hard to believe that she actually had this party.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think that she is trying to do the best for herself and her family by pasting a smile on her face and having an optimistic attitude. For instance, by posting happy photos of herself and her kids on Instagram. And there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you do have to fake it 'til you make it. That is not some veiled metaphor to justify committing fraud. When you are in a tough situation you need to find some sort of optimism to keep going.

Of course, she stayed on the show and keeps churning out Teresa Giudice products. If she is really going to jail, she wants to sell as many products as she can and stay on television. She has four girls to provide for, after all.

I cannot say for certain if she really did have an actual pre-prison party, but I hope she did not. I hope that instead she was with family and friends in a low key setting trying to stay positive for the ordeal she knew she would go through on Thursday. Hopefully she did not throw an expensive party, given her legal trouble. It would make more sense to spend some relaxing time with her loved ones instead of going out to a club. Maybe some other social gathering was taken out of context? Maybe she was just quietly hanging out with friends.

Even though there are rumors about her (like this "Stay Strong" party, for example) what it comes down to is that Teresa is simply trying to figure out a bad situation. I am not by any means condoning any sort of illegal behavior, but there is something to be said for trying to stay strong and move on to a better place.

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