How Do You Buy A Wedding Dress In Kim K.'s iPhone Game?

It was bound to happen at some point, but my love affair with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cooled a couple of weeks ago. I still open up the game every few days or so, check to make sure my avatar hasn’t died, and then agree to do a photo shoot that I’ll never complete. There was a time my avatar was number one on the A list, but now she's holding it down at the number 22 spot. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Wednesday night, I noticed a KK:H app update waiting to be downloaded. So, I downloaded it, natch. When I opened up the game post-update, a video of real-life Kim Kardashian popped up. She wanted to let me know that she heard the Internet’s cries: Our Kim Kardashian: Hollywood avatars can get married now.

Consider my love affair with KK:H uncooled. I'm back, baby. I don't have a game S.O., but I'm ready to double down on the relationship front. I want to experience this KK:H wedding firsthand.

Months ago, I tried to find a definitive answer to the “Is KK:H marriage a thing?” question. To my dismay, the Internet was full of conflicting information. Thankfully, real-life Kim K. set the record straight: Your avatar could not get married before, but your avatar can get married now. And not only can your avatar get married, but he/she can have a wedding in Florence. Just like Kimye!!!!

But what about the dress? The Dress. THE. DRESS. Will your avatar wear Kim K.'s Givenchy dress? Before I could start my investigation, this popped up:

My eyes zeroed in on this line:

And then, my eyes immediately zipped on over to that picture. THAT BLONDE AVATAR IS TOTALLY WEARING KIM K.'S GOWN. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Does that mean my avatar could potentially wear Kim K.'s gown, too? Or is that picture a lie?

I scrambled to the KK:H shop. I scrolled through once, and did not notice anything that looked like Kim K.'s gown. But I was not convinced. I looked through again. And I found a rather sus garment:

Is that the dress on the righthand side? Eh, that sleeve action doesn't seem right. Hm. I wish I could click on it, but I'm only at level 22 (womp womp). It might be a wedding dress, but I'm going to say it isn't the wedding dress. Maybe the Givenchy pops up later?

And then, I was distracted by the new accessories:

Earrings, flowers, and A BIG OL' SHINY DIAMOND. So much wedding. But wait, what's this?

What the crabapples is that Heart of the Ocean ring? I can only assume that ring means there's a Titanic-themed wedding option in the game.

After I stopped staring at the Heart of the Ocean ring, I checked the Chapter Cheats message boards for any information regarding the latest update. Here's what "Hugh Beaumont" says:

Aha. After I catch me a fiancé, a wedding planner will present me with suit, er, gown options. And one of those gowns might just be the Givenchy gown!

I have serious KK:H work to do. First step: land a date with that funeral director who looks like a cross between Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer and Justin Bieber. What a wedding this will be!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (4)