Can You Get Married In The Kim Kardashian iPhone Game? It's Unfairly Confusing!

Hi there! Kristie here. Still playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with reckless abandon. What’s the latest and greatest with my avatar? Oh, she’s just lending her voice to an animated movie franchise (she plays a bicycle), becoming BFFs with Anna Wintour-lite, and dodging an aggressive paparazzo at Kim Karadashian’s birthday. NO BIGGIE. As for the romance front? She's left a trail of broken hearts in her wake. Relayshes are not my avatar’s top priority, so no, I haven’t spent much time exploring the dating and relationships element of the game. I'd much rather my avatar promote moisturizer at a nightclub than hang out at Brew Palms with a guy who dissed her minidress the moment she sat down, thank you very much.

Yeah, if Publicist Maria requests my avatar take mandatory "fun" time and go out to dinner with one of the hundred lame dudes she's met in this game, my avatar will do it. Because I, er, my avatar will do anything Publicist Maria or Manager Simon say my avatar should do. I willingly put my avatar's life in their hands on the reg (e.g., go on dates for the cameras). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I’m not about to pursue real-deal coupledom. I am not about to spend all of my lightning bolts on flirtin' and dessertin'. I am not about to waste K stars on "charming" a beau into not ending the relationship over the phone. I am not about to buy an ugly sweater just because it's been stamped with the "impress your date" heart. My avatar dresses for my avatar.

Do wonder what would happen if I changed my mind about the dickbags in this game and decided to go all in on a relationship? Occasionally.

Might I be depriving my avatar the chance to fall in love? Might my avatar resent me? Might love conquer all, aka be the key to beating the game?

WAIT. Just how serious could a KK:H relationship get, anyway? Could my avatar and a S.O. DTR? Could my avatar and a S.O. get engaged? Could my avatar and a S.O. get married? If so, will Kim K. be my maid of honor?

I consulted the Chapter Cheats message boards with a specific mission: Is KK:H marriage a thing?! Here's what I found:


"C.” asks:

So yeah, the relationship bar with my boyfriend says max. but I still haven't got a ring or anything. We are both A-listers. Are any others having this problem? Do I have to change my boyfriend?

Hm, okay. Looks like C. holds that engagement is indeed a part of the game. If that's the case, why won't C.'s boyfriend hand out that ring? What gives?!?!?!

“:)” responds:

You can't get engaged on the kardashians game. The maximum hearts you should get is 3000. Hopefully there is a update very soon, that allows us to get married etc

Aha. This answer received four thumbs ups.

:)'s confident and plausible answer plus the impressive thumbs up tally has me like this:

hiddenupload on YouTube

BUT THEN! “Chicken Legs” jumps in:

You can get engaged.

Someone slapped this answer a thumbs down.

So, who am I to believe? :) or Chicken Legs? As tempting as it is to go with :)'s answer and call it a day, I'm apprehensive to put all of the eggs in the thumbs up and thumbs down count basket.

Fortunately, there's another KK:H engagement/marriage thread to comb through.


“Helena” asks:

I've been dating this guy but I want to break up with him but I want to see what happens at 3000 hearts

Wait, what happened between you and the guy, Helena? Why do you want to break up with him? Hit me with the hot goss.

“ZayA” responds:

You’ll be engaged and get a ring a your wardrobe.

This received a whopping six thumbs down. People are not feeling what ZayA is serving.

“Helloooo” responds:

Pretty sure zaya is lying I have bf with 3000 hearts and all that happened was he said I love you. Same as 2000 hearts.

(Three thumbs up, two thumbs down.) Helloooo firing SHOTS at ZayA.

“Xx” responds:

In the Stardom: Hollywood game, once you reach 1250 hearts you become engaged, then at 2500 hearts you get married. They haven't added the engagement or marriage feature in the game yet

(Two thumbs up, two thumbs down.) Why is Stardom: Hollywood relevant to this discussion? Because KK:H is S:H with a Kardashian twist, doye.

Xx's answer seems legit, but that thumbs up/thumbs down tie has my head spinning. Why would anyone hate on that answer? SOMETHING'S UP.

If you have the definitive answer, please contact me. I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; plumkat/tumblr