Tory Burch is Doing Watches Now

Tory Burch has jumped on the wrist bling bandwagon. Falling in the footsteps of mega-brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade, the preppy fan favorite brand is also releasing the first line of Tory Burch watches. But there’s one big difference — the price.

Designers like Michael Kors and Kate Spade have found the world of watches to be particularly lucrative. With lower starting price points and both classic and timeless as well as more bold designs, it’s no wonder that whenever you see a well-dressed young woman in a tulip skirt and with blown-out hair, you will probably spot the rose gold Michael Kors watch she probably has adorning her wrist, as she pulls out her wallet at Starbucks (myself included…). As Tory Burch is a growing lifestyle brand, it’s no surprise that they’ve begun dipping their toes into the watch market. The cost of the timepieces, however, are a bit of a shock.

Burch’s timepieces start at about $350, with most of them clocking in (ha, get it?) at around the $500 mark. The most expensive design goes for $995. The watches are truly pretty. Inspired by vintage jewelry, each piece is named after a Burch family member and many tote flawless metal and leatherwork, the iconic Tory Burch logo, and unique details. It’s just difficult to tell if they're actually worth the price.

As it turns out the watches are manufucated by Fossil, a brand that’s more known for cheap timepieces and inexpensive accessories more than luxury design. Which leads one to believe that Tory Burch fans are paying more for the brand name than actual quality. But that’s not to say that these watches are a bad buy. They’re still obviously Tory Burch pieces. The classic, sporty design, array of colors, geometric fretwork, metal cuffs, and leather straps, are an immediate tip-off. Plus, they’re simply gorgeous.

Coinciding with Tory Burch’s tenth anniversary, making for a rather witty “Timing is everything” tag line, the release of the timepiece line has me anxiously waiting to see if Burch’s devout followers will still shell out the cash to wear that infamous double-t on their wrists. For now, check out my personal faves from the collection that I’m currently lusting over.

1. The Gold and Orange Iconic Tory

2. The Graphic and Modern Izzie in Ivory

3. The Vintage-Inspired Buddy with its Double Leather Strap in Luggage Leather

4. The Bold, Red Reva with the Notably Burch Logo

5. And the Chic and Sleek Sawyer Cuff